December 19


4 Ways To Take Your Home With You On Travels

We all have an urge to explore the world and see new things. Experiencing things on the travel channel is hardly the same as when you’re right in the middle of it in-person. Just for the thrill of being in among cultures and countries that we have only ever heard of, we will pack our bags overnight and board a flight away from our home. After a few days of being a stranger in strange land, you can begin to miss home a little. It’s not that you want to or even making a conscious effort to remind yourself about it. It’s just natural to feel a little melancholy when you’re away from your home country and off in the big world doing unfamiliar things. So how can you take home along with you for the ride?

A national memory

While you’re on your travels, it’s okay to be patriotic about where you come from. Keep something that reminds you of where you come from with you and you will always have a reminder of home. This could be the flag of your nation that you carry with you in your rucksack. It could even be the national animal such as the bulldog for the British, the kangaroo for the Australians or perhaps the bald eagle for America. This could be something small as on a keychain or a metal button badge.

A taste of home

No doubt that you will be enjoying new kinds of foods on your travels but eventually your taste buds will want something familiar. Food from home gives us a little nostalgia when we are so far away from it. So take with you something that will last a long time and give you a chance to nibble on it every now and then and think of home. If you were Scottish you might take with you shortbread. If you are a New Zealander you can take with you some kiwi and lime sweets. If you are Canadian you can take with you maple candy.

Take home with you

What better way to travel with your home than a motorhome? You are literally picking your home up and traveling the world with it and living in comfort. Here’s how you can take out a loan for a motorhome in which you can take your home with you. Everything from the bed, to your food cupboard can be stocked with things you like and make you feel comfortable. You can be in any part of the world but still always have a place to go to sleep where you feel familiar. You’ll hardly be homesick as the motorhome can be donned with all things national from your own country.

Roaming the world

If you ever feel a little lonely on your world travels you can always call home. Use a great roaming service that allows you to call home using your smartphone without ramping up the charges to do so. Figure this out before you go your adventure.

It’s common to be homesick when you are trekking across the world. However you can take your home with you with a national emblem such as a flag or an animal pendant.