November 03


5 Things You Should Really Think About Before Buying an SUV

Buying an SUV isn’t something you should take lightly. This is an expensive purchase that could potentially give you a higher quality of life. However, If you don’t think about the things we’ve detailed here, you might just end up with a car model that isn’t suitable for you.

Below are 5 things you should really think about before buying an SUV. Take a look:

  1. Is This Vehicle Value For Money?

One of the first things you want to consider is whether this SUV is real value for money. Take a look at the cargo capacity, versatility, and added space and ensure that it’s worth the asking price. Will it be worth the higher registration fee, additional fuel expenses, and higher maintenance costs? Bear in mind that if something goes wrong, an SUV part tends to cost a lot more than a regular car part.

You’ll also want to carefully consider how you intend on using the SUV. Think about things like the number of passengers, amount of cargo, route, destination, and terrain. In an ideal world, you’ll get an SUV with a little bit of everything; a 4×4 with a torquey but frugal diesel engine, factory-equipped roof rails for expandability, comfortable seating, a good entertainment system and genuine off road capability.


2. Is This Vehicle Safe?

It’s so important to think about overall safety when purchasing your SUV. They are larger, but that doesn’t mean you’re invincible to things that could go wrong on the road. They are actually more susceptible to roll over accidents because of their higher centre of gravity, and because they are heavier there are longer stopping distances. Safety features to expect on many SUVs include airbags and antilock brakes, rear view cameras, lane departure and blind spot warning systems, and more. You’ll want to check out crash test ratings for more information.

3. Am I Being Realistic?

Many people who want to buy an SUV aren’t realistic at all about what this will mean for them. Many people kid themselves into thinking that these vehicles are indestructible, and that they will be safer on highways. They might not also be as spacious or as comfortable as you believe they will be, but this can depend entirely on the one you purchase. You can browse SUVs online to get a feel for the differences and what might be best for you.

4. Common SUV Buying Mistakes

There are many common SUV buying mistakes. You can’t drive an SUV like a sedan, and SUVs aren’t necessarily tougher than average cars, so don’t make the mistake of thinking these things. If you’re hoping for fuel economy, you might be disappointed. The biggest mistakes you can make are not doing your due diligence and not test driving before you buy. Always take the models you’re considering for a test drive before you buy!

5. What Are The Critics Saying About Modern SUVs?

Read up on experts experiences with SUVs and even forums and testimonials to get an idea of what your best options are.

After doing the above, you should be ready to purchase your SUV!