October 16


Filling In The Blanks: Boosting Your Business Profile


Is there any such thing as being able to boost your business profile uniquely nowadays? It seems that everybody is looking for the angle, the niche, despite how small fry their business actually is in the grand scheme of things. There are so many people running their own businesses out of their home, that they have no choice but to find a unique angle. But with oversaturated marketplace, and everybody in direct competition, regardless of the size, boosting your business profile has never been more important. Is there anything new you can do?

A Publicity Stunt

Be careful of the publicity stunt- you might have heard about Banksy’s £1 million painting shredding itself after being purchased; some view this is art, but others look at it as a publicity stunt. And this could be the way you find the greatest idea to promote your own business. While any publicity is good publicity, it’s a very tricky line to navigate when you’ve got a business to run. Lest we forget Homer Simpson’s failed attempts at promoting bowling!

Working On That Reputation

Your reputation needs to be protected at all costs. When you’re boosting your business profile, it’s not necessarily about the large-scale marketing assaults that will serve you well, but rather, building up in the background a worthwhile and reliable reputation as a business. This doesn’t just mean looking professional, but those little touches that go so far. A virtual mailbox is something that isn’t just a lifesaver for those that are busy doing a million jobs at once while trying to nurture their home-based business, but they are also paying for a service that has something we all desperately need at the beginning, a business address. On your correspondence, if you have a residential address, this won’t do you any favours. Clients are unlikely to treat you seriously.

Trading As Yourself

Many companies choose to put their face on the products and not only does this put a face to the name, but it also shows everyone that you are definitely serious about the products you promote. It’s that cliche, “it’s so good, I put my name on it!” And, while it may seem a little on the twee side, there’s no arguing that putting yourself front and centre shows how serious you are about the company, the products, and that you’re risking your own neck to ensure they sell. The one downfall of this is that many customers may demand to speak to you in person. If you physically have the time, then this will be a great way for you to build a bond, but if your goal is world domination, then you might want to think twice about putting your face as the talisman of your company.

It’s not just your reputation, it’s about doing something that nobody else has done before. This is almost impossible, so do we need to go back to the more traditional marketing methods? For every business that has flashy gimmicks, there is a handful that works in a grassroots fashion. When boosting a business profile, consider both sides of the equation.