October 15


5 Ways To Enjoy Halloween As An Adult

The scariest holiday of the year is weeks away and the kids are super excited. Why wouldn’t they be? They get to eat a tonne of chocolate and as many sweets as they want without getting told off. It’s the most magical time of the year for them! Adults are different because there is a lot of planning and preparation which goes into Halloween, not to mention money.

Even the sight of the kids with a smile on their face isn’t enough to rid you of your cynicism. Okay, it is but there is still sixteen days until that point. As a grown-up, the stress and the pressure of organising the event make it tough to get into the ghoulish spirit.

Unfortunately, this is bad for the kids as well as the adults. They take their cues off you and won’t be in the right frame of mind if there isn’t any excitement in the house. Anyway, it’s an excuse to have a good time and enjoy a weekday night, which doesn’t happen on most Wednesdays. So, this is what you need to try this All Hallows’ Eve.

Work It

There’s nothing worse than coming home tired from the office and then trying to get ramped up for a night of knocking on doors. All you want to do is sit in front of the TV and not answer the door. Once you convince yourself you’re not going to have a good time, there aren’t many ways to trick the brain into pumping up the endorphins. So, the trick is to start the day as you mean to go on later in the evening.

Get dressed in the morning in your favourite costume and walk into the office with your head held high. The chances are the majority of the staff will take the opportunity to get out of their shirts and shoes and blouses and heels. Even though you’re in the office, there is a casual feel to the day and it’s like you’re not working.

As a result, there will be less stress, which means you won’t be as fatigued and more likely to enjoy the evening’s festivities. Plus, it’s a day of reinforcement. Wearing an outfit from morning until night encourages you to try and have an enjoyable time.

Throw A Party

The kids are going to be out all night doing their thing so it’s time for you to do yours. Although parents like to centre the night on their children, adults can have a fantastic time by throwing a party. When there is alcohol involved on a weekday, it’s bound to be a bit rowdy! However, it does take some planning.

To start with, it’s vital that you send out details weeks in advance. Plenty of people have Halloween parties and you want the best guests. Plus, they should have a chance to find kick-ass costumes. Hosts need to find a way to stand out from the crowd, too. No one wants to do the same thing every 31st of October, which is why the party should have a caveat. For example, everyone can only dress up in outfits beginning with “H” for Halloween. Or, don’t allow vampires, witches, ghosts and Frankenstein.

For extra brownie points, you should try and theme everything from the wine and beer to the food. Check out these cool Halloween treats below for inspiration.

Stick To A Budget

As silly as it sounds, lots of families go overboard in their Halloween fever. Trying to keep up with the Joneses makes things competitive, and anyone can one-up the neighbours by spending a fortune. This is when you wish you’d checked out guarantor loan comparisons rather than opting for a bog standard bank deal. Seriously, with the food and the drink and the decorations and outfits, the night might get out of hand.

Considering most families don’t have a lot to spare, it’s essential to stick to a budget. First thing’s first, though: you need to create one. The simplest way to do it is to take your excess cash total and divide it in half. Hopefully, this will be enough considering it’s literally the end of the month. Next, ask “do we need it?” when you are shopping. If the answer is no, then it should stay on the shelf. Finally, download an app.

Apps such as Mint and Wally are fantastic at keeping track of your expenses, whether it’s for a week or a day.

Come Together, Right Now

So far, the list has focused on adults doing grown-up things and children doing something else. However, the idea that the whole family can’t be together and have fun is wrong. At Halloween, there is a whole bunch of stuff which appeals to people of all ages. All you have to do is pick the one which stands out to everybody.

Take a haunted house as an example. Typically, there are for kids yet some are pretty frightening and will get the blood pumping. Or, there is a murder mystery role-playing event. As a team, the family has to work out the clues to get out of the room while the timer ticks down. Because it includes everyone and keeps the brain working, no one will get bored.

Usually, trick or treating revolves around the kids too much which is why it gets monotonous. Try something different this Halloween and take a risk.

Think Outside Of The Box

Sometimes, it feels as if the novelty of the holiday has worn off. After all, everyone is doing the same thing on repeat. It’s like Groundhog Day if you replaced Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd with zombies.

No one says you can’t mix things up about by bending the rules. Take trick or treat as an example. You prefer the latter, which is why you should “treat” yourself to a shopping spree. Buying a present you have wanted for ages will certainly improve your mood.

And, who’s going to stop you? You’re in charge!