August 10


Five Essential Skills You Need for Running Your Business From Home 

Running your business from home can be great but challenging at times. You will have all the time you need, but how you use it is a different story. It is important that you learn to separate your home life and your work, or you will end up spending all day in front of the TV or getting on with the housework without making any progress in your business. Below you will find five essential skills you might want to improve before you set up your home office.

  1. Organization

Image via Nathan Riley

You need to be able to find everything on your desk, despite the limited space. If you happen to have a separate room for your office, you will have to make an effort to get everything in order and keep the structure, Keep the kids and other family members out, and find a way of creating a clear boundary between your living and working space. Get a filing cabinet where you keep your paperwork and set up an online diary with your daily schedule.

2. Time Management

Image via Kevin Bhagat

You need to start by determining how many productive hours you are willing to devote to the business. Whether it is three or ten, you will have to stick to a daily routine, as you would if you were working for someone in the office. Try to ignore the temptation to call people when you are working, checking your email, or social media, so you can get more done in less time and spend some quality time with your family members

3. Computer Maintenance

If you are running a home business, chances are that your main work tool is your computer or laptop. While having the number of a computer repair specialist handy is essential, you will also have to learn how to backup files and maintain the performance of your systems. There are some great courses online that will teach you the basics. Don’t rely on YouTube videos alone, though, when you are trying to fix issues: check out this guide for dealing with Mac issues.

4. Basic Bookkeeping

Of course, you will have to be in the picture when it comes to your finances, or you can’t make long term and short term plans. Learning basic skills for your business, such as keeping your finances in order, managing your content, and keeping touch in your customers will deliver long term benefits.

5. Online Marketing

Unless you have a huge marketing budget, you will need to learn how to market your small business in the competitive marketplace and stand out from the crowd. Online marketing is by far the most cost-effective method, but you will have to learn some basic skills and automate some of the processes so you don’t end up spending your days on social media instead of working on your business strategy.

Whether you are looking to achieve better productivity, financial control, or improve your work life balance, you will need to learn some basic skills that will increase your chances of success.