July 24


 5 Things To Consider Before Moving To Another Country


Don’t pack your bags just yet! While moving to another country may sound like a good idea, you do need to take a few things into consideration first. We will look at some of them here, with a few titbits of advice we think you will find useful.

1. Why are you leaving?

You don’t always need a good reason to do something, but having some kind of reason is better than making the move on a whim. If your reason doesn’t hold up – you are bored of your surroundings, you are looking to escape a problem – moving to another country may not be the right answer. On the other hand, if you are moving to pursue a dream career, to find adventure away from your comfort zone, or you are looking to engage with opportunities not afforded to you where you live now, then the move may serve you well.

2. Can you afford the move?

There are many costs to consider. Not only will you have to ship yourself overseas, but there are all your other belongings as well. Your car is a biggie, though we did come across this service which makes shipping cars from USA to UK and anywhere in between relatively easy. After transport costs, there is also storage to consider. And when you have made the move, you will have to factor in the cost of living in your chosen destination, as well as ways to bring in an income to help you survive in your new locale. The move will be expensive!

3. What will you leave behind?

This is a major life decision, and one that will have a range of repercussions, not only for you, but for the people you are leaving behind. Are you ready to say goodbye to family and friends? Yes, you can always Skype them, but that isn’t the same as popping over to see them when you need an arm of support. And then there are the other things you are leaving behind. Take your job, hobbies, and lifestyle choices, as example. By moving overseas, your life will change, and things you have become used to may not easily be replicated.

4. What are the differences in your chosen destination?

Thinking about the place you plan to move to, consider the changes you will be faced with. You will need to follow certain laws and customs. You may have to eat foods you have never tried before. The language will be different if you opt for somewhere that is non-English speaking. The people may/may not be friendly to newcomers. You need to be prepared for a culture shock, so do your research to ensure you know what you are heading into.

5. Who are you taking with you?

If you are travelling solo, then you only have yourself to worry about. However, if you have a family in tow, take into consideration the repercussions on them. How easy will it be for your partner to find work? Will you be disrupting your children’s education with the move? Some of these things can be overcome if there is a valid reason for moving, but if not, consider withholding your plans if any of your family show some resistance to a move away from home.

There are many reasons why moving to another country is a good idea, but be sure of your plans before you go. By answering the questions we have offered, you may have a better perspective. Follow your head as well as your heart, and you should come to the right decision.