5 Surefire Ways To Unleash Your Frustration

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In the twenty first century, the stresses of modern life seem to have ramped up as quickly as new social media channels have emerged and new technological advances keep exploding onto the scene. You may work ten hours a day, have an overbearing boss setting you unachievable targets, and you might struggle to find time to eat let alone sleep in any twenty four hour period. Our lives are fraught, tense and can see our mental health suffer because of lack of sleep, health problems and stress.

One way to relieve the stress and tension you feel is to find an outlet for your frustrations. Before your blood pressure increases and your heart reaches palpitation stage, you need to be releasing your inner tension. Take a look at these five ways to keep your stress levels in check.

1. Sport

Sometimes the best way to unleash your frustrations is by taking part in a high intensity contact sport. Football, rugby and even mixed martial arts could give you the opportunity to physically dump your stress in the sports arena. Stay safe, wear your SafeJawz mouthguard and learn the discipline needed for a successful training session. Battered and bruised you might be, but you will also feel the rush of endorphins and sense the dopamine kick in as you sweat out your stress.

2. Mindfulness

Learning to live in the moment can help avoid stress. Mindfulness enables you to focus on the here and now rather than worry about future situations that may or may not happen. This can aid your mental well being as well as your physical health, lowering your blood pressure and helping you remain on a more even keel.

3. Get Outdoors

Those people who head outside for at least thirty minutes a day for a stroll, a jog or even just a sit in the park tend to feel less stressed. Being outside amongst nature, green trees and patchwork fields can help regulate our breathing, body clock and enable us to sleep more easily. Nature is the perfect antidote to stress.

4. Yoga

If you’ve never been to a yoga class because you thought it was all dreadlocked hippies and chanting, you should think again. The stereotypical yogi is a thing of the past with people using this ancient exercise to help regulate breathing, focus the mind and relieve stress.

5. Do Something New

Trying out a new hobby or following a new passion can help take your mind off of those niggles that cause you stress. If your boss is demanding that you prepare for a presentation at a moment’s notice, think about the piano lesson you have later that evening. By having something to look forward to, you can refocus your mind, leading to a more stress free existence.

It’s vital that you have an outlet to unleash your frustrations and help combat stress. Without this, you will be bottling up your worries and concerns leading to mental and physical health problems. Heed this advice and find your own stress-busting outlet.