Q&A with Love Island sensation Olivia Attwood on this years series

Olivia Attwood shares her verdict on the new series of Love Island

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  • Does watching Love Island bring back memories of last year and why?

Watching the new series of Love Island brings back so many memories! The first couple of episodes were really hard to watch. I think it’s hard to watch because they are in the exact same villa – it’s like seeing someone else living in your home!

  • What memory with of your time in the villa has stuck in your mind while watching the latest series? Why?

Lots of little things have stuck in my mind while watching the latest series, such as going out on the upstairs terrace in the morning with Amber and Montana for a gossip, or the first couple of re-couplings, when you don’t have a clue to pick! Loads of stuff, really!

  • What do you think about the boys in the Love Island villa?

I think the boys are strong this year. A lot of big characters, Alfa male types.

  • If you were in the villa this year, which of the boys would you have your eye on and why?

If I was in the villa this year, I’d say I’d have my eye on Jack because he seems to be the only one who’s got any comedy. He’s also from a similar area to me.

  • Why do you think the girls aren’t choosing Dr. Alex?

Dr. Alex is just so different to the type of guy those girls would normally date or meet on a night out, so he’s getting pushed into the friend zone!

  • How could he improve his success rate?

To improve his success rate, he needs to relax and come out of his shell a bit! I know it’s easier said than done though in there.

  • On your experience last year, what are the characteristics the women are looking for in their matches in the villa?

Fit (obviously), a good sense of humour and loyalty! Someone who makes you feel like you’re on the same team, because that’s the only way to survive in there.

  • What causes arguments between couples in the villa?

Arguments can stem from absolutely nothing in there because tensions run so high, but there’s no doubt that the Adam’s drama involves another girl because he’s definitely thinking with his dick.

  • What do you think of Laura Anderson? 

Love her. She seems very down to earth and secure in herself.

  • What do you think of her copying your hairstyles and wearing similar outfits to you? Why do you think she is?

Do you know what, when I have commented on this I have mainly been joking. Half the girls the UK dress like that, so I don’t think into it too much, but I do think a few of the islanders have studied last year’s show and are trying to recreate things that the viewers enjoyed in the last series.

  • Would you ever return to the Love Island villa?

I would 100% return to the Love Island villa if I was invited back!

  • Do you have any advice for this year’s Love Island contestants?

It sounds a bit cliché but if I could give this year’s Love Island contestants any advice, it would be to be themselves. When you go into a strange environment it’s easy to end up acting in a way you don’t recognise, particularly when you can’t speak to your friends and family. Most importantly, I’d remind them to enjoy it and make the most of every moment. It’s a scary and stressful experience, particularly at the beginning, but before you even have time to blink it will all be over!

  • Do you ever meet up with the other Love Island girls? If so, who is the best to hit the dancefloor with?

Amber, Montana, Georgia and I have all stayed super close. We have a group chat on WhatsApp which we speak on every day and I see them all the time. I catch up with Amber every week without fail, and she’s the best girl to hit the dancefloor with for sure. At least I got a best friend out of Love Island if nothing else…

  • Speaking of a night out on the dancefloor, if you could invite any other celebrity to join you on a girls’ night out – who would they be and why?

If I could invite any other celebrity to join me and the girls on a night out it would be Nadia Essex from ‘Celebs Go Dating’. I reckon she’d be a lot of fun.

  • What’s your usual night out tipple?

Prosecco or Pinot Grigio. Pinot Grigio is my go-to drink for any occasion really – whether I’m having a chilled night on the sofa or a night out with the girls. My current fav is the i heart Pinot Grigio from i heart Wines.

i heart Wines

  • Would you ever go on Celebs Go Dating?

I would love to go on Celebs Go Dating as I’m obsessed with both Nadia and Tom. I get a real kick out of dating, but I’ve never been on a blind date before and I’d be keen to give it a try. I think I would be a lot of fun on a date!

  • On the subject of dating, what’s your idea of the perfect first date?

The perfect first date for me would be going out for a glass of wine in a trendy bar, ideally somewhere not too crazy, but with a good buzz! I hate the idea of going for dinner on a first date. I prefer to go for a drink as I find it much less awkward.

  • What do you do when you’re not working – how do you relax and switch off?

I think everyone knows I love a party, so when I’m not working I’m normally heading to the West End or Essex for a night out with the girls! If not, you’ll find me chilling out with a glass of wine at home, catching up on Geordie Shore or TOWIE. If I have spare time, I try to go to the gym as well as I find it really helps to me to clear my head and switch off.

  • Who would win at an arm wrestle, you or Amber?

(Laughs) We’re both pretty scrappy, but I reckon Amber is stronger. She’s one of those freakishly strong small girls!

  • If you could invite any other celebrity around for a night in – who would they be and why?

I know he’s not a girl, but if I could have any other celebrity around for a night in, it would have to Tom Reid Wilson from Celebs Go Dating! He is literally everything to me.

Olivia Attwood is a brand ambassador for i heart Wines www.iheartwines.co.uk