5 Things to Do in Muswell Hill

Forget Shoreditch or Camden – Muswell Hill Has It All

Muswell Hill is often compared with its more famous neighbours. But at last, the community is gaining a reputation in its own right.

Ask anyone in the know, and they will tell you that Muswell Hill is one of the smartest places to look for those seeking property in north London. Yet the recommendation often comes as a comparison to somewhere else. It’s a little like Hampstead, but more affordable. Or it’s like Shoreditch but without all the hipsters.

Both observations are true enough, but they give the mistaken impression that those who choose Muswell Hill do so in a spirit of compromise, and will be forever looking over their shoulders or hopping on the bus to go where they really wanted to be.

Yet today, Muswell Hill is finally attracting the attention it deserves, and on its own terms. Muswell Hill estate agents have never been busier, and those considering a move to the area would do well to act sooner rather than later, before the secret is out for good. Here are five things to do when you move in – and none of them involve taking the bus somewhere else!

Visit Alexandra Park

The concept of being able to get away from it all is particularly important to Londoners, and while there is more green space around than there used to be, a small park jam packed with picnickers and screaming kids doesn’t really cut the mustard. Alexandra Park lets you completely escape. There are 4.5 miles of paths to explore, with plenty of nature and even an abandoned railway track to follow. If you do want to be sociable, you will also find children’s play areas and sports fields aplenty.

Go to Ally Pally

If the English climate precludes strolling in the park, there is always Alexandra Palace. The venue hosts a whole variety of events, from The Masters snooker tournament to live rounds of The X-Factor. Even if there is nothing going on on a particular day, it is still a fascinating place to have a stroll around and learn about its unique history.

Explore the Broadway

The Broadway is the main shopping centre in Muswell Hill. If you want to check out the usual high street stores, you will find them here, but more interesting is the proliferation of small independent traders who have been in business for generations. If you feel peckish, just head for the shop with the crocodile over the door – part antique shop and part tea room, it is definitely not the sort of place you encounter every day.

Alternative stores

If the Broadway doesn’t do it for you, pull out your GPS and find Avenue Mews, a tiny alley between Queen’s Avenue and Princes Avenue. You will enter a different world of book shops, antique stalls and vintage clothes stores.

Where to eat

After a bust day like that, you will be ready for a good meal, and you will not have to look far. There’s something to suit every palate and budget. If you enjoy Thai, Benjawan on Fortis Green Road gets rave reviews, while locals swear by Bodean’s Barbecue restaurant on the Broadway.