Interview with Nicky Johnston | Celebrity/Fashion Photographer and Judge on Britain’s Next Top Model

Celebrity and Fashion photographer Nicky Johnston shares a few things with us. Nicky will be a judge on Britain’s Next Top Model in 2016

Celebrity and Fashion photographer Nicky Johnston

Celebrity and Fashion photographer Nicky Johnston

How much preparation do you have to do before a celebrity shoot?

Depends on how far in advance the job comes in. Prep would be talking to the Pic Editor of the magazine, and talking through the ideas they have and how we can achieve them. Often there is very little time, so things have to be planned in advance of the celeb arriving on the shoot, to make the most of the situation.

How much say does they subject get at a shoot?

Idea for the shoot will have been passed with the Celebrities Agent/PR in advance, but most are open to any new idea that might occur on the day. Say for example the `Stylist might have brought an amazing piece of clothing or a prop that they had seen on their travels, and I would suggest we try that on the shoot.

What makes a person photogenic?

I think a person being happy within themselves makes them photogenic, someone who is having personal issues no matter how attractive they are , will not look attractive in the picture. The least attractive person can look fabulous if they are happy within

What do you think will be the next big thing in digital photography?

I had hoped that with the arrival of digital, equipment would have got smaller, it has to some extent, but I still have to ave a car full of equipment . I think and hope that professional equipment will be shrunk in size, so i can carry it all in one bag!

How much do you manipulate the original image?

It totally depends on each shoot. For example I might need to alter the background colour or change it completely, retouch the celeb or change the colour of their clothes.

Do you think photography is easier these days with better and better technology?

So much easier! The days of waiting at the lab till midnight have long gone, and I can now do everything in the comfort of my computer.

What 5 things of advice would you give to an amateur photographer?

1: Have a passion for photography, without that you won’t suceed

2: Get out and about as much as you can and take pictures, trial and error is the only way you will become more advanced

3:Enter competitions in your chosen field, lots of amateur photography mags are constantly running them, and if you win or are a runner up it will give you a massive boost

4:Don’t get hung up on what equipment you have or what aperture it was taken at, who cares! if the shots great, its great, even if it was taken on a phone. A lot of amateurs seem obsessed with technical details, and it drives me insane!

5: When you have built up a collection of images in your field, try submit them to a photo library , you will be thrilled if someone buys them!

Most people seem to take photographs with their phones in their pockets. What do you make of this?

They should put their phones on lock!

“I think a person being happy within themselves makes them photogenic”