Free up your time by finding a reliable and vetted cleaner using

Do you want more free time in your life?

£5.00 booking if you book through this site.

Are you spending too much time on household chores such as hoovering, cleaning windows and clearing up mess?

Have you ever thought about having a cleaner but didn’t no where to look for a reliable one?

Finding a cleaner has never been easier. In just the same way as it is now to possible to find a taxi using your smart phone at the touch of a button you can now find a cleaner too. are a company which make finding a reliable trusted cleaner easy. Hassle meet and interview every cleaner so you don’t have to.

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Here are 5 things to do today to find a cleaner using Hassle

  1. Go to hassle’s home page and type in your post code to see where your nearest cleaner is located. The list of cleaners is expanding all the time.
  2. Download the app on your phone for extra convenience. This is available on apple and android devices.
  3. Choose when you would like your cleaner to start. There is no regular commitment needed – all you need to do is pay an initial deposit which will come off your first booking.
  4. Pay online for the cleaning services. All cleaners charge a flat rate of £10 per hour. There is no cash involved so no more mad dash to the cash machine because you have ‘forgotten to get any money out’.
  5. Choose something fun to do whilst your cleaner is in your house. Just imagine what you could be doing in this newly released time!

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Hassle is based in Vauxhall, London and just for fun here are 5 things to know about Vauxhall.

1. Through a secret garden you’ll find this amazing Italian Deli
2. Hassle.comHQ used to be a marmite factory
3. Vauxhall has its very own Boat Bar
4. It has a city farm right next to the pleasure gardens
5. You can also take a stroll around Vauxhall pleasure gardens. There is also the Tea House Theatre just a short walk through the gardens.


Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

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