Use Quandoo to pick the perfect restaurant for dinner over looking the River Thames

Do you want to have dinner over looking the River Thames? Then the Quandoo app and website can help!

Use Quandoo to pick the perfect restaurant for dinner on the River Thames

Use Quandoo to book restaurant directly on the River Thames

Quandoo is a website and app that connects local foodies with dining options in their city and help them find and reserve tables at the best bars and restaurants.

Quadoo have recently carefully selected restaurants that over look the River Thames for a perfect dining experience.

Here are 5 things to do to today to book dinner on the River Thames.

  1. Visit this Quandoo site detailing their selected restaurants.
  2. Choose one of their restaurants. ranging from ones with a view of the famous Tower bridge to quasi-riverside restaurants along London’s canals.
  3. Before you book read some of the reviews written by previous diners – these just might inform your decision of where to go. Don’t be too influenced however as you will always have a unique experience – just make your own judgements
  4. Have a read through the Chef’s selection given for each restaurant. This is quite a unique feature of the site giving you a heads up on what to expect when you arrive at the restaurant. The restaurants chefs give you example starters, main courses and deserts.
  5. Quandoo also has a loyalty scheme which allows you to earn points every time you book with them – these can be exchanged for vouchers which can be spent at other restaurants – again a unique feature of booking with Quandoo. Why wouldn’t you! When you sign up with the site then they will give you a 400 point welcome bonus to start with!

Use Quandoo to pick the perfect restaurant for dinner on the River Thames

Quandoo is also available on your apple device or android device.

In addition to restaurants on the River Thames Quandoo also has other selected restaurants such as ‘sensational pre theatre dinner in London.


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