5 things to do in the Plaza Premium Lounge at London’s Heathrow Airport

The Plaza Premium Lounge is a must if you are flying from Terminal 2 at Heathrow airport.

‘5 things’ has just returned from Tokyo. We were very privileged to be granted access to the Plaza Premium Lounge, terminal 2 at Heathrow on our departure.

The Plaza Premium Lounge is an independent lounge and is not funded by any specific airline. The basic cost of entry is £35 for three hours. This will provide you with complimentary drinks (including most alcoholic drinks), food and a luxurious space to relax. There are also spa and shower facilities where you can have facials and massages.

The price of £35 is well worth the cost especially if you have a good amount of time to spare at the airport.

Here are our five things to do today in the Plaza Premium Lounge.

1. The staff at the Plaza Premium Lounge are very keen to show off their wonderful new facility. This is the first one in Europe. Just ask for a show round and the staff will be more than happy to oblige. You will be impressed!

2. Relax in one of the comfortable zones. There are no shortage of plug sockets of all nationalities so you will be able to charge, get connected and catch up on emails that you have not had time to do in the office.

3. Have a drink at the bar. Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are included in the price. High end spirits and cocktails are chargeable. We had an amazing Pimms – the  lounge was serving this to coincide with Wimbledon.

4. Help yourself to the buffet serving both hot and cold dishes. Think chicken tikka masala and four bean chilli to give  a flavour of the offerings at the lounge. All food is made from scratch and the lounge emphasises fresh food and certainly not pre manufactured items. There was a good selection of cheese, bread and pastries. The raspberry mouse was particularly good.

5. Have a massage and a sleep. The lounge has beds and masseurs if you want to completely relax before your flight. These are chargeable and are extra to the entry cost for the lounge.

If you want to have access to the the lounge then we would suggest that you dress smartly. The lounge will occasionally refuse entry to people that see only a ‘free’ bar.

So if you want to escape into tranquil, luxoruous surroundings with the friendliest of staff then make sure that you visit the Plaza Premium lounge at London’s Heathrow airport. We would fully recommend taking advantages of all that the lounge has to offer but make sure that you have time on your side so that you can fully relax into the experience.