The Alchemist bar in Manchester (Spinningfields) has now doubled in size with a new dining area. It opens this evening and would be a perfect time to try it out


When it opened back in November 2011, The Alchemist in Spinningfields Manchester was a hit from the outset – and naturally incredibly busy with guests vying for space.  Fortunately an opportunity arose for the venue to expand and it has now doubled in size to 5,200 sq ft with a beautiful new dedicated dining area.

Seating has doubled both inside and outside, with 116 covers in the restaurant and 140 more on the outdoor terrace.   However despite its size, the spectacular lighting and clever layout within will ensure that a warm and comforting atmosphere will envelop you, as your eyes gaze in wonder at the stylish leather booths, huge wall of apothecary bottles, old chemistry desks used as tabletops and even a huge lighting structure which has been created in the exact molecular structure of alcohol in the main bar area.

Fascinating additions to the cocktail menu such as The Indigo Sunset, will do much to satisfy variety, as will the many delicious options available on the new food menu.  Open from Friday night, 1st May.