Be one of the first to book Japan’s First Glamping Resort to Open Near Mt. Fuji in October 2015


Hoshino Resorts have announced they will open Japan’s first luxury camping resort, Hoshinoya Fuji, on 30 October 2015. The resort will be built amidst the nature surrounding Mt. Fuji, where Lake Kawaguchi-ko, one of the Five Lakes of Mt. Fuji, spreads under its gaze. The resort’s concept is “Glamping on a hill”. “Glamping” is a blend of the words “glamorous” and “camping” to describe luxury camping.

Floor plan for guest cabins at Hoshinoya Fuji Resort a luxury camping resort opening in Japan in October 2015, near Mt. Fuji.

The 40 guest cabins overlook Lake Kawaguchi-ko, with views of cherry trees in full bloom in spring; vibrant green trees in summer; rich red leaves in autumn; and Mt. Fuji covered with a crown of white snow in winter. The minimal guest rooms frame the vivid scenery on any day, and a flame flickers on the terrace living rooms, which are designed to give the feeling that guests are floating in the forest.

The resorts cafés and restaurants will also be designed to give the feeling of a luxury camp.
* Campfire Terrace
A bonfire on the terrace will provide a cosy place to keep back and relax with your favourite drink.
* Grill Dining
A restaurant standing between the cabin area and the cloud terrace area. In the open space, where a grove of red pines spreads like a picture, the chef will serve a course of hot, grilled dishes.
* Dutch Oven Dinner
The cooking staff will prepare Dutch oven dishes according to your tastes in the Cloud Terrace area. It is a glamping dinner; you can enjoy cooking together and lively conversation.
*In-room Dining
You can enjoy in-room dining at a place of your choice (i.e. breakfast on the terrace living room of your cabin in the morning) at your choice of time.
* Library Cafe
Flavoured coffee, highly-selected teas, herbal teas of your choice, and petit fours will be served.
* Outdoor Meetings
A big table for meetings on the terrace is provided.
* Yoga Terrace 

Early morning yoga sessions in the clean Mt. Fuji air, under sunbeams shining through branches of trees, start your day with a deep breath full of nature.


The English website for Hoshinoya Fuji is still under development. For now you can view Hoshino Resorts main page at