Masala Zone Piccadilly Circus Unveils Breakfast Extravaganza: A Culinary Journey of India in November 2023, Featuring 5 Unique Regions

  1. Unique Menu Exploration: Masala Zone Piccadilly Circus has launched a breakfast menu that offers a unique culinary journey through India’s gastronomic regions, showcasing traditional Indian recipes.
  2. Majestic Setting: The restaurant is located in the iconic Criterion Building at Piccadilly Circus and boasts luxurious interiors that reflect its majestic setting.
  3. Authentic Indian Experience: The breakfast menu at Masala Zone aligns with the brand’s promise of providing real Indian food, featuring Indian spices, ingredients, and recipes to provide an authentic taste of Indian mornings.
  4. Regional Delights: The menu includes dishes from various Indian regions, such as Gujarat’s Wedding Scrambled Eggs, Northern India’s Ginger and Tomato Bhurji, and South India’s dosas with Masala chaat or Lamb keema, among others.
  5. Cross-Cultural Creations: In addition to traditional Indian dishes, Masala Zone offers cross-cultural creations like the Signature Naan Toastie, which combines familiar British dishes with Indian spices and ingredients, making it a unique breakfast option.

Breakfast is served at Masala Zone Piccadilly Circus from 7.30am to 10.30am on weekdays.