Brian Conley’s 3rd Farewell Tour: A Night to Remember

Brian Conley, the iconic star of the West End and beloved TV personality, is all set to embark on his latest nationwide tour starting from 24th September 2023. With a career spanning an impressive five decades, Brian promises audiences an unforgettable evening filled with laughter, music, and entertainment.

Tour Dates

1. A Legendary Career:

  • Brian Conley’s illustrious career has seen him excel in West End musicals, dominate the TV sitcom scene, and even host his chat show.
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2. The Royal Variety Performance:

  • Brian’s incredible talent and charisma led him to make a record-breaking eight appearances on The Royal Variety Performance, a testament to his popularity.
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3. TV Stardom:

  • From hosting the immensely popular ‘The Brian Conley Show’ to memorable appearances in Eastenders and award-winning sitcoms, Brian’s TV career is a treasure trove of entertainment.
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4. The Theatre Sensation:

  • Brian’s prowess extends to the theatre, where he’s taken on lead roles in a multitude of acclaimed musicals, earning a nomination for a Laurence Olivier Award along the way.
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5. Beloved Panto Performer:

  • As a perennial favorite in pantomime productions across the UK, Brian Conley has brought joy to audiences of all ages with his enchanting performances.
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Don’t Miss the Tour:

  • Brian Conley’s 3rd Farewell Tour is a celebration of an extraordinary career that has touched the hearts of millions.
  • Join him on this remarkable journey, filled with laughter and nostalgia.
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Get ready to witness the magic of Brian Conley as he takes you on a journey through his legendary career, blending comedy, music, and entertainment into one unforgettable evening. Mark your calendars for this extraordinary national tour starting from September 24th, 2023!

Brian Conley, the beloved entertainer, takes center stage during his 3rd Farewell Tour, captivating audiences with his talent