5 Things to Know About GPE’s Future London Photography Award Winner, Nico Froehlich

GPE, a leading London property development company, recently revealed the winner of its prestigious ‘GPE Future London Photography Award 2023’. Nico Froehlich, an emerging talent hailing from South East London, has been honored with the opportunity to exhibit his captivating portfolio, showcasing authentic London community life. This blog post delves into the details of Nico’s victory and the significance of this award program in supporting and celebrating the city’s emerging artists.

  1. Bridging the Gap for Emerging Artists: The ‘GPE Future London Photography Award 2023’ was established by GPE to assist emerging artists in navigating the transition from graduation to establishing a sustainable career. Recognizing the challenges faced by young artists in the highly competitive field of architectural photography, GPE’s awards program aims to provide them with the necessary support and recognition. By extending their social impact strategy to include this award, GPE reinforces its commitment to fostering and celebrating the vibrant London community.
  2. Nico Froehlich’s Winning Series: Nico Froehlich’s winning photo series beautifully captures the essence of GPE’s brief, which was to explore London’s diverse communities and the ways in which people interact with the spaces between its buildings. The award panel was particularly impressed by Nico’s ability to intertwine architectural photography with a vibrant celebration of humanity. His thought-provoking and visually stunning series stood out among the entries, earning him well-deserved recognition.
  3. Exclusive Exhibition and Sale: As the winner, Nico Froehlich has been granted the opportunity to showcase his portfolio in an exhibition at 45 Mortimer St, London. This exhibition will be open to the public for a period of nine months, starting with an exclusive private viewing on 6th July 2023. Visitors will have the chance to witness Nico’s captivating storytelling and immerse themselves in the authentic elements of London’s communities. Furthermore, Nico’s works will be available for purchase during the exhibition, with proceeds going directly to the talented photographer.
  4. Recognition and Exposure: James Pellatt, Director of Innovation at GPE, expressed his delight in providing Nico Froehlich with the recognition he deserves. The exhibition offers Nico a valuable platform to showcase his work not only to the general public but also to influential members of London’s creative community. Such exposure can significantly boost an artist’s career, especially during its formative stages. Nico’s series promises to tell compelling stories that resonate with viewers who appreciate the raw essence of human experiences within London’s dynamic landscape.
  5. Nico Froehlich’s Vision and Gratitude: In response to his win, Nico Froehlich expressed his gratitude to GPE and ArtAcumen for offering him this invaluable opportunity. He emphasized the significance of this exposure at a crucial juncture in his career as a photographer. Nico’s deep connection and love for London shine through in his work, capturing the rich variety and authentic elements of the city. His commitment to documenting London’s ever-changing landscape ensures that his art continues to reflect the best and most welcoming aspects of the city.

The ‘GPE Future London Photography Award 2023’ celebrates the talent and creativity of emerging artists in London. Nico Froehlich’s victory underscores his exceptional ability to capture the spirit of the city’s communities while seamlessly blending architectural photography with human storytelling. GPE’s commitment to supporting young artists and providing them with exposure is commendable, and Nico’s upcoming exhibition promises to be a must-see event for anyone who appreciates the captivating essence of London’s diverse communities.

Nico’s winning portfolio of images can be viewed here: ‘Community & Spaces, by Nico Froehlich’.