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Guys: here are 4 must-have items to keep a top-form grooming game while travelling

Guys: here are 4 must-have items to keep a top-form grooming game while travelling

Getting ready for a trip of a lifetime? You’re not alone: according to the Department for Education and Skills, between 200,000 to 250,000 young people head off on a gap year each year. That’s an awful lot of guys being let out into the wilds of the world, only to return, shaggy-bearded and dread-headed. Yet, long-term travel doesn’t have to mean you throw your grooming habits out of the window. Here are 4 must-haves to keep looking fantastic while you’re exploring the world.

Styling products

Take a small container of wax with you. A light wax is perfect for longer, wavier styles, while pomades are better for shorter hair. With a quick and easy pot of product in your bag, you can quickly rake a bit through your hair with your fingers post-shower for a relaxed day vibe or work it through with a comb for a more styled evening look.

Hairdressing equipment

We’re not saying take a huge selection of supplies with you, but consider taking a range of smaller, more compact bits and bobs. Things like wireless hairdressing clippers and beard trimmers can be charged on trains and in hotel rooms. While combs and hairbrushes are a must-have. If you have rounded pairs of scissors, those can be helpful too, though check with airline rules regarding what you can bring in your luggage.

Adaptors and spare batteries

Always keep a spare adaptor in your suitcase and one in your everyday bag – that way you’ll never find yourself scouring a market looking for one. The same applies to batteries: if your clippers are wireless, consider getting a spare battery juiced up so you’re not caught short while exploring areas without regular electricity.

Beard oil or balm

Apart from your skin, another trouble you might face while travelling is your bread. With a lack of proper routine, you might end out ruining your stubble look, or experiencing the perils of tangled and split-ended facial hair. To keep you face looking ship-shape, bring along a beard oil or beard balm which smooths everything out and makes you feel sharp and comfortable.

So there you hate it: everything you need to look great while on the move. What do you think are the most important grooming essentials to bring along when travelling? How do you sort the neat from the naff? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.