SKIMS Makes a Splash in London: European Debut of Pop-Up Experience at Selfridges Corner Shop”

  1. SKIMS Pop-Up at Selfridges: On 12th June 2023, SKIMS announced the opening of its first-ever European pop-up experience at the iconic Corner Shop at Selfridges in London. This immersive retail activation brings SKIMS Swim to Europe for the first time, offering customers the chance to shop the best-selling collection exclusively at Selfridges, just in time for summer.
  2. Conceptual Design: The SKIMS pop-up experience at The Selfridges Corner Shop is the most conceptual one to date. Designed in partnership with Willo Perron of Perron-Roettinger, the space has been transformed into a Summer Los Angeles poolside oasis. It features spectacular diving boards and eye-catching palm tree structures, creating a vibrant and visually appealing environment.
  3. SKIMS Swim Essentials: The pop-up offers a wide range of must-have SKIMS Swim essentials for the season. Customers can explore SKIMS Swim signature cuts in multiple coverage levels, catering to different needs in the water and beyond. The assortment includes limited-edition swim collections and the latest seasonal colorways, with new products being introduced every week during the month-long pop-up.
  4. SKIMS Expansion Plans: SKIMS has seen success with its pop-up experiences and strong e-commerce and multi-brand business in the UK and Europe. As a result, the brand has revealed plans to expand into free-standing stores across the UK and EU territories within the next three years. This expansion signifies SKIMS’ commitment to the region and its intention to establish a strong presence in the European market.
  5. Partnership with Selfridges: The SKIMS Corner Shop is part of an ongoing partnership between SKIMS and Selfridges, the leading luxury British retailer. Following the pop-up, SKIMS will open a redesigned and expanded permanent shop-in-shop space within Selfridges during the summer. This partnership highlights Selfridges’ support for SKIMS and the brand’s growth, as well as the anticipation of the SKIMS Swim collection being available in Europe for the first time.