5 Reasons Why Salsa is a Great Idea from Weybridge Salsa


Salsa is a form of exercise and as such, it is great for the body but also
an excellent way to distress.


Salsa is literally for Every Body. Men and women, young and not so
young, fit or wanting to be, with or without physical impairments. It is a
low impact form of exercise, meaning that anyone can join in.


Salsa improves coordination, which is something that comes useful in
every aspect of life.


Salsa is fun and uplifting, the music is just contagious.


Salsa is about connecting with others, something that nowadays
happens less and less.

Weybridge Salsa provides salsa classes and events in and around Weybridge.

Salsa is a fun and uplifting social dance that benefits both body and soul.
It is a truly inclusive form of dance as it has a low physical impact and no
harsh body movements.

At Weybridge Salsa we are committed to create and nurture a salsa
community, where leaders and followers are taught properly and in a
professional way, without losing though the warmth and fun that this latin
dance brings to the spirit.

No partner is needed and all abilities/ages/experiences are welcome.

For more details contact info@weybridgesalsa.co.uk or go to