2. Have personal training with MMWFitness – Wimbledon Chase, Raynes Park, Wimbledon, Morden and Merton


1- Offer 1-1 in person and online personal training. Getting to know you with an initial consultation to get to know your why, needs and goals. 

2- Offer personalised training plans to be utilised anywhere and everywhere. Tailored to your goals and what you want to achieve. 

3- Accountability- you will receive weekly catch ups to check in progress and your chance to ask any questions when ever you need 

4- Flexibility- The importance of understanding our busy lives and making fitness a part of that. Working it around you and your schedule. 

5- A fun way to workout- keeping fitness fun. So that it appeals to you and Keeps it engaging throughout. Not about flexing muscles but training for life. Training to keep moving.