February 15


Tackling Non-Consensual Sex: Coronation Street’s Powerful New Storyline

The popular British soap opera, Coronation Street, will be tackling the issue of non-consensual sex in an upcoming storyline. The storyline will follow the characters of Amy and Aaron, who engage in sexual activity after a night of drinking, with Amy being unable to give her consent. The show hopes to spark important conversations around consent, awareness, respect, and education, particularly among young people.

Coronation Street worked with The Schools Consent Project, a charity that delivers workshops to schools on sexual consent laws and sexual offenses, to ensure that the storyline was handled with care and sensitivity.

The inclusion of the storyline in such a popular show emphasizes the crucial need for conversations around consent and the importance of consent education.

The storyline will not only explore the emotional turmoil experienced by Amy, but also the different reactions and understandings of non-consensual sexual activity among family, friends, and the police. The show’s producers hope that the story will provide a long-running examination of how the characters deal with what happened that night and offer a chance for actors Elle Mulvaney and James Craven to showcase their considerable skills.

The importance of consent in sexual activity cannot be overstated, and it is commendable that Coronation Street is using its platform to raise awareness around this issue. By depicting a realistic and relatable storyline, the show is likely to help people better understand the importance of consent and how to navigate issues of sexual activity. Hopefully, this storyline will lead to important conversations and greater awareness around consent and sexual health.