close up photography of cheese February 09

The Chiswick Cheese Market hosts a Ukrainian Winter Appeal: A Taste of Ukraine 19th February


The Chiswick Cheese Market is a unique and special market in London that specializes in cheese and wine. It was established in response to the plight of UK cheesemakers and the state of the high street during the pandemic. As a group of local volunteers, community has always been the focus of their efforts. Since its establishment in May 2021, the Chiswick Cheese Market has donated a total of £13.2K to charity, partnered with the Academy of Cheese to offer 4 annual grants, and become a sponsor of the Affineur of the Year Awards.


The 19th February market will feature a Ukrainian Winter Appeal to raise awareness about the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. A Taste of Ukraine event will celebrate the food and music of the country, with all proceeds from their sales and any donations going to the British-Ukrainian Aid, which provides essential medical aid for emergency and relief operations. Dima Deinega of Dima’s Vodka has generously donated his premium triple-grain Ukrainian vodka for the occasion, which will be paired with a creamy 24-month-old comté from The French Comté. All proceeds from the sales of Dima’s Vodka will also go to charity.


The Chiswick Cheese Market is run by the Cookbook Kitchen, a group of 9 local women who are passionate about food, wine, and cheese. These women, who are cooks, chefs, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, writers, designers, authors, caterers, and cookery writers, have set up the Cookbook Festival and continue to organize supper clubs to showcase cookery writing, recipes, and food while raising money for charity.


In recognition of their contributions to the community, Jeremy Vine presented the Chiswick Cheese Market with a Community Recognition Award on behalf of the Chiswick Calendar for enriching the area and enhancing the profile of Chiswick. The Chiswick Cheese Market has already put £500 towards the Ukrainian Winter Appeal and invites everyone to join in a toast of solidarity and hope.


The Chiswick Cheese Market, London’s only specialist cheese market, has raised £13.2K for charity. The market started its philanthropic efforts by immediately donating £1500 at the start of the war. On the 19th of February, the market will host a Ukrainian Winter Appeal and has already donated £500 towards it. Dima’s Vodka will be sold for £5 per shot, with all proceeds going to charity. Additionally, all the proceeds from the “A Taste of Ukraine” event will be donated to the British-Ukrainian Aid, which provides essential medical aid for emergency and relief operations.