5 things about Australian vocalist Jo Lawry

  1. Jo Lawry has a solo career with a global fanbase and is respected within and beyond jazz circles as a “musician’s singer.”
  2. She has spent almost a decade performing and recording with Sting and has worked with Paul Simon and Peter Gabriel.
  3. Jo Lawry has released two albums as a singer/songwriter/producer, ‘Taking Pictures’ (2015) and ‘The Bathtub and the Sea’ (2017), which received critical acclaim.
  4. Her latest album, ‘Acrobats’, is a playful jazz record featuring Lawry, bassist Linda May Han Oh, and drummer Allison Miller.
  5. The interconnectivity and trust between the members of this trio is palpable, with Lawry stating that “you need to have people that you know are going to catch you.” Collaboration and agility are at the core of this record.

Acrobats is released on 10th FEBRUARY 2023 VIA WHIRLWIND RECORDINGS