July 13

Looking for a side hustle? Earn £1000 to grow your eyelashes!


Looking for a side hustle??? Want to get paid £1000 for growing your eyelashes and/or eyebrows?!

Do you want luscious eyelashes or thicker eyebrows? well now is your chance to grow your eyelashes and eyebrows as your new side hustle!


Douvall’s known for its luxury argan based organic skincare and haircare is branching into a new exciting arena of eyelash and eyebrow growth serums and is looking to recruit people with sparse eyelashes or eyebrows, and they are willing to pay you to transform your thin eyebrows, short sparse eyelashes into luscious gorgeous long lashes and perfect brows!


Douvall’s skincare is offering lucky successful job applicants a chance to earn £1000 by using their just launched innovative argan miracle argan Eyelash and/or Eyebrow Growth Serum for 14 days morning and night, all you need to do is take pictures of before and after and document your eyelash and eyebrow transformation!

5 lucky applicants will be picked and gifted the £79 Eyelash Serum and Eyebrow Conditioner to use daily, the lucky applicants will need to document their journey and take pictures, and be okay with the pictures being used to show the dramatic results.


The eyelash and eyebrow growth serum is unique on the market as it contains there multi award winning organic first cold pressed argan oil which nourishes and conditions along with the scientifically proven peptides and natural extracts, fortifying vitamins which help to enhance and define eyebrows and eyelashes to strengthen and condition both brows and lashes.

Prices at £79 for 2ml (3 month supply) they are set to rival Revitalash and Revitabrow promising the user dramatic results and up to 4 times the length of your lashes, within 14-30 days.


Founders of Douvall’s Georgia and Alicia Douvall said ‘ this is our most exciting launch yet, We noticed that the eyelashes and eyebrow serums on the market today were great but they did not contain anything that really conditioned and treated the eyelashes like argan oil does, not only does Douvall’s eyelash and eyebrow serums deliver dramatic results, we are the only eyelash and eyebrow serum on the market today to combine the proven formula of peptides with our organic first cold pressed argan oil which is known for its beneficial properties of vitamin E, fatty acids and anti oxidants that not only transforms skin, but hair and nails too, when we realised we could help people like ourselves transform their eyelashes and eyebrows, we had to bring this product out!’

If you are not a successful applicant don’t worry you can still get luscious lashes anyway as Douvall’s is giving away 25% off to all our readers by using code: LASH25 to introduce the brand.

The successful applicants will have to use the product daily, blog, take pictures and monitor their lash and/or brow transformation.

email douvalls1@gmail.com with why you think you would be ideal for the job and pictures of your sparse eyebrows or eyelashes! closing date for applicants is 30.07.2022