July 21

8 Insane Lawsuits That Have us Thinking

Lawsuits can be pretty crazy, and there are some really insane ones out there. Here are some of the most insane lawsuits we have ever heard of.

QuinceCreative from Pixabay

Jelly beans Have Sugar

This might come as a shock to some people but sweet things tend to have a lot of sugar in them. The problem is, sugar has many different names, and this can be confusing to certain people. In 2017, a woman from California attempted to sue Jelly Belly, the jelly bean makers, after she discovered that “evaporated cane juice” is another word for sugar. She claimed it was misleading and could lure people into a false sense of security that they were eating something sugar free. Ultimately the judge threw out the case as the nutritional information clearly stated the amount of sugar that the beans contained.

Chicken Sandwich Drama

Imagine going to a restaurant, thinking you were going to get a tasty meal, only to discover that the item you were craving was no longer an option. That is what happened to one Tennessee man after he discovered that Popeyes Louisiana Chicken did not have a particular sandwich in stock. He is suing the company for $5,000 for wasting his time as they tried to fill his order and for damages to his car that happened in their car park. This case is still ongoing and we will be waiting a while before we see the outcome of this case.

The Weather Man Got it Wrong

In 1996, well known weatherman Danny Rup was on the air and told his viewers to prepare for sunny weather. One woman planned her day around his forecast and was completely unprepared for the rain that fell. As a result, she fell ill and missed time off work. She felt Rup was responsible and sued him for his false weather report and claimed his reports were legally binding. In the end, they settled out of court for $1,000 and Rup issued an apology to the woman.

Beer is not as Good as You Think

Advertisements are supposed to create a world of fantasy that makes people want to purchase the products. And, as a general rule, people understand that the adverts are not real. One guy didn’t get the message and tried to sue a beer maker over their adverts. In 1993, Richard Overton sued Ansheuser-Busch over the content of their adverts. The adverts had scenes of tropical rainforests, beautiful women, and men having a great time. When Richard didn’t get this result from drinking their beer, he sued over false advertising. He lost his case and never got to live out his beer fantasy.

Uber Marriage Problems

If you have used Uber, you will know how the app works, but one man got himself into hot water with his wife after a glitch caused his divorce. He claims that he used his wife’s phone to book an Uber, and after he had logged off, the app continued to push notifications to his wife’s phone about his whereabouts. These movements made his wife suspicious and they divorced. He lays the blame at the feet of Uber but nobody knows how this case has played out. Did he manage to successfully sue the app? Nobody knows.

Michael Jordan Lookalike

If you looked like a celebrity, you would feel pretty happy about yourself. Unfortunately one man didn’t feel that way as he was constantly mixed up with Michael Jordan. Allen Ray Heckard decided to file a suit for emotional distress after being compared to the NBA star for 15 years. He later dropped the suit with no explanation.

Dating Gone Wrong

Have you ever had a date gone wrong? In 2017, a man sued his date after she sat on her phone while she was in the cinema. The man claimed that the constant texting ruined the experience of the movie for him and she was in breach of the cinema rules. The woman offered to reimburse him the $17.31 for the date if he agreed to leave her alone. In the end, he dropped the suit and hopefully left the young woman alone. And if he didn’t. We hope that she gets some criminal defense attorneys dedicated to your case so she fights for her right to text.

Red Bull does Not Give You Wings

This is one of the biggest ad slogans for the 2000’s, everyone knows that Red Bull gives you wings. The thing is, it isn’t doesn’t engeise people either. People decided to bring a lawsuit against them as they didn’t provide wings of any sort, and they settled out of court after agreeing to pay $640,000 in damages.