May 29

5 Ideas To Create A Healthier Office


To facilitate creative work, it’s important to design an office space that’s healthy and comfortable. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s likely that your team are still working from home. With everyone out of the office for now, it’s the perfect time to add a few renovational touches, to improve your space.

1 . Standing Desks

Standing desks are high desks which allow users to work comfortably at a laptop, while standing up. You can purchase both fixed standing desks, and portable standing desks that fold out.  Some brands also sell ‘legless’ standing desks that can be fixed onto the windows of your office. These desks have several benefits for employee health, firstly these standing desks can help to improve one’s posture. Two many hours of sitting down can mean that staff are prone to slouching, which is bad for the back. Secondly, standing up more frequently means getting more exercise, and increasing circulation.

2. Under Desk Bikes

Under desk bikes are essentially miniature exercise bikes, they don’t have a seat, but just pedals attached to a block. These bikes are small enough to fit under a desk, so staff can use them easily while completing their work. Keeping moving can help to boost endorphins, increase energy, and improve circulation. These are a great option for those employees who are not a fan of the standing desks. You’d be surprised how therapeutic these are to use while you’re typing!

3. Air Purifiers

Air purifiers work by using a system of fans to filter the air in your office or home. The filters work to remove toxins, harmful bacteria, pollen and dust. Our indoor air contains more harmful chemicals than many people realise, and over time these toxins can affect our health. If you choose a smart air purifier, you can also access data about which types of substances and toxins are present in the air.

4. Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers can also clean your indoor air of toxins, combining both plants and an air purifier is the best way to create a healthy office. Plants are also useful to boost our moods and create a more productive environment. When you are decorating with plants, consider any other eco-friendly design ideas you could use in your office space. When you are purchasing materials and furniture, prioritize those that are made from earth-friendly materials. Going green as a business is useful to boost employee well being and your reputation.

5. Office Revamp 

Health and happiness are intrinsically connected, if your office lacks colour, light and aesthetic appeal, this will have a negative impact on mood and performance. Giving your office a revamp is the best way to achieve a healthier and more productive environment. To start with your flooring, resin floors are a great option for both offices and warehouses. To read more about flooring options, check out the Impact Flooring website.

When you are redesigning your office, consider creating workspaces that are more collaborative, to support creative team work for your projects.