Tea Scientist Dr Tim Bond tells us about his 5 things to do today

Dr Tim Bond, a tea scientist from the Tea Advisory Panel, www.teaadvisorypanel.com


  1. Drink a cup of tea. Who doesn’t love a cup of tea? Take 5 minutes to sit down with a cup of tea and just be. I like to call it a hug in a mug! But more than just enjoying the taste, a cup of tea can help us in many ways. Drinking tea can help us relax and many say their mood has changed after taking a break with a cup of tea. It also potentially helps to cut the risks of dementia or delay its onset. Tea also helps us enhance our cognition and memory needs, reduce depression and anxiety and helps cut the risk of heart and circulation problems and type 2 diabetes.
  2. Take a walk. Getting outside and taking in some fresh air can do wonders for both our physically and mental health. If you are working from home it comes with its own challenges and you may find that once you start work, the day starts to disappear. Choose a time during the day to take a walk, even if only 20 minutes and stick to it. It will actually make you more productive.
  3. Make a list of things that make you happy. In lockdown we have had the perspective and the time to help us sieve out what is really important to us, what changes we want to make with our lives and what really makes us happy. While we are in this frame of mind it is a good idea to jot your thoughts down, so when we return to ‘normal’ life you can refer back to it and use them as a frame to steer your life and decide what is important to you.
  4. Send somebody a card or a note. We have all become very adept at using social media and video conference solutions to keep in touch, but I find there is nothing nicer than receiving a handwritten note with some nice words. It really is the thought that goes into it. So, grab a card you have lying around, or some note paper and write a message or letter to someone. Imagine the joy on their face when they open it.
  5. Read. Take some time each day to read. It’s a great escapism. Our time is easily frittered away watching TV or replying to messages. Set the 30 mins before bed to either pick up a book or read an article or something online. The book is a great escapism, and who knows what you will come across or learn from reading different articles.