Breakout Film Star of Netflix’s Upcoming Gothic Thriller Jason Collett shares his 5 things to today

Jason Collett

If you answered any of these questions with anything resembling a hoarse inaudible grunt, then read on! I’m Jason Collett, and I’m here to recommend 5 things for you to do today during quarantine! 

1. first off: SLEEP IN! 

Hey, its quarantine. Theres no judgement here. You never know when you’ll get the chance again. Besides, you’ve been working hard and nonstop almost your whole life up to this point. You’ve earned it!

2. Go outside and talk to a tree for companionship. 

Now that you’re well rested, when was the last time you saw another human being? If you’re anything like me then you just went through a breakup before the quarantine and are yearning for a little social interaction right about now and would do anything to connect with someone…

Well connect with nature! The best part about your new wooded friends is that, unlike boring REAL friends, they can’t leave in the middle of you talking about your problems! Personally I like to also yell at them, then immediately apologize just so I can feel something inside again. 

BONUS: While outside, scavenge the area for plants and berries to eat, since all the restaurants are closed right now and you never learned how to cook anything that didn’t come in a can. Bet you’re wishing you followed your moms advice and took that cooking class in college, aren’t ya? I’m definitely not, I’m just saying you probably are… *stuffs face with seed from the bird feeder*

3. Find things to do around the house! 

Just because you’re stuck inside, doesn’t mean theres no fun to be had! You’ll just have to get creative. Have you ever had a staring contest with yourself in the mirror? Now THAT can get competitive! Also, its spring cleaning time right now, isn’t it? When was the last time you tore down the drywall and dusted in between the 2x4s? You know, swinging a sledgehammer through a picture frame that your ex girlfriend gave you is my favorite way to relieve stress! And trust me, I’ve got plenty! (stress linked through physical memories of sadness, not ex-girlfriends…)

4. Take up a new hobby

When the quarantine started I found that uncontrollable crying and spooning my body pillow was a good use of my time!

Whoops! Did I say “uncontrollable crying and spooning my body pillow”? Ha, silly me, I meant “Painting”. Grab a few blank canvases, some paint, pour yourself a bottle of wine, and get to work! 

You’ll be an alcoholic-, I mean, a PRO, in no time! 

Now that we’re expressing ourselves creatively and feeling good, now its time to:

5. Drunk text your ex-er, um, I mean,.. no. don’t do that. 

5 (take 2). Write them a hand written letter instead! 

They are much more likely to take you back that way.

5 (third times a charm). Um… start a new exercise routine? 

Staying fit and healthy during this time of uncertainty in the world is CRUCIAL for getting back together with your ex when everything returns to normal. You’re gonna be looking SO good, they’ll have no choice but to finally respond to your messages! 

Well, I hope this list has proved helpful in dealing with quarantine! 

In all seriousness, even though times are crazy right now, don’t forget that its ok to have a bit of fun! It’s easy to feel like we are alone when we are stuck inside our homes, but this is an opportunity for us to band together unlike ever before. I encourage you to stay active, stay informed, reach out to friends and check on them, stay humble, stay safe (!), and most importantly, support one another. We are all in this together!

and yes, even your ex. 

Breakout movie star Jason Collett will be appearing in the upcoming star-packed gothic noir drama THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME opposite Tom Holland, Haley Bennett, Robert Pattison, Bill Skarsgård, Jason Clarke and Riley Keough, written and directed by Antonio Campos (THE SINNER), premiering on Netflix later this year.