5 top tips for co-working by Sanj Mahal, owner of AndCo #work #space

1.       Get the gear. If you’re regularly moving around and packing up your desk at the end of the day, having the right equipment is key. A light laptop is a must of course, but don’t leave home without headphones with a built-in microphone! If you’re prone to back pain we’d also recommend a laptop stand.

2.       Say Hi! Co-working is a great way to have co-workers when you don’t have colleagues, but the only way to benefit from this is to reach out and participate! If you want to dip your toe into meeting people whilst co-working, AndCo offers weekly co-working sessions open to everyone. It’s up to you whether you pop your headphones in to get stuff done or sit and have a natter.

3.       Keep it moving. Humans are creatures of habit, and we know lots of people have ‘their seat’ in co-working spaces. One of the best things about co-working is the ability to change up your surroundings. Try the view from another window or even get out and try a new space…

4.       Set your hours. When you’re working around lots of different people you might have a nightowl on the left and an early riser on the right. This can make you feel guilty for always being in later than one, and leaving earlier than the other. Set the times you want to work and stick to them.

5.       Think about what you what you want from your workspace, and the budget that you have available. Write a list – and then start to look. Co-working doesn’t necessarily mean £400 a month any more, and there’s an option out there for everyone