3 Ways To Boost Your House Value

With the ever-present and hotly debated Brexit on the horizon, many UK homeowners are contemplating ways to add value to their property ahead of the inevitable uncertainty in the housing market. With no real answers on how Brexit will affect property buying, it’s wise to take action now when it comes to boosting your house value. Read ahead to discover investments that can be made to your home now in order to get a great start on an upcoming valuation.

Add French Doors or Bi-Folding Doors

If you currently don’t have French doors leading from a dining area or extension to the garden, then this could be a straight forward ideal opportunity to add value to your home. For a contemporary external door design, why not opt for bi-folding doors? Breaking down the barrier between the great outdoors and your home whilst introducing more natural light can be an appealing feature to buyers.

Renovate Kitchen & Bathroom

If your home currently still has the initial bathroom set or kitchen installed by developers or from previous owners, it can be in your best interests to update these to boost the value of your home. Many prospective buyers are looking for modern bathrooms and kitchens that they won’t have to do anything to once they move in, and it can be as easy as switching countertops and adding new taps to undertaking a complete refit. Give your bathroom a 2019 makeover with sleek designs from bathroom specialists Lusso Stone who offer impressive freestanding baths, stone resin basins and contemporary toilet designs. Likewise, get the wow-factor in your kitchen with a modern kitchen from Haus Of Design to create a unique, multi-functional kitchen space that will no doubt make your house a real draw to potential buyers.

Loft Conversion

Any way of adding more space to your property will reward you with a boost in value. Loft conversions are a desirable home feature due to the extra storage and possibility of an additional bedroom. Reinforce the floors and install the relevant insulation before boarding it out, and your easily accessible loft can suddenly become an attractive pull to potential viewers.

No matter what the final Brexit decisions will bring, ensure you have considered all options when it comes to adding value to your home in 2019 in order to get the best return on your investment.