January 08

The 5 Things To Make Your Own PC

The computer is integral to our daily lives. Whether you’re looking to make some money online by setting up an e-commerce store, or you are after something a bit more powerful for your gaming habits, there’s no getting away from the fact that the most powerful computers out there are pretty expensive. But now, more people are taking the initiative and building their own. Now, this may sound like an impossible task, but it’s completely feasible now! With that in mind, what are the five essential things you need to make your PC?

A Processor

It’s the essential component. In essence, it is the brain. As the Central Processing Unit controls various tasks there can be a lot of specifications in relation to the various CPUs out there. When you’re building your own PC, it’s worth researching the market, especially in relation to what you want to use it for. For example, ask your friends that use their PCs for gaming what processors they have.


The motherboard is the storage component of your video cards, memory cards, and other components essential to the whole system. The motherboard is only as good as its individual components, so while you think about the motherboard and the specifications you need, think about the other aspects so you can pick a motherboard that houses them effectively.

Graphics Processing Unit

Also known as a GPU, it’s vital for gamers, but not necessarily for those that want to use their computer for mundane tasks. Online, there are websites that test specific graphics cards, and with this, it’s worth keeping an eye on the reviews so you know what to buy.


Again, depending on the use of the machine, you will have to choose accordingly. You can either purchase a hard drive, or a Solid State Drive (SSD). Some recommend that you should buy a hard drive and a Solid State Drive, but if you don’t need to pointlessly spend money on both, then don’t. In fact, an SSD can halve loading times without issue. And remember, you don’t need to pick your desired amount of storage now, you can add additional storage further down the line, as and when it’s needed.

A Power Supply

The essential aspect that makes everything work, a quality Power Supply Unit (PSU) is vital, but you need to think about the various components that make it user-friendly for you. Numerous PCs come with a Rocker switch and a Rocker switches On Off On in that setup. But in addition to the individual buttons and usability, you need to think about going for a power supply within your scope. In other words, if you’ve got high quality components, you don’t want to get a poor quality PSU because it won’t give you the results you desire.

If you’re serious about making your own PC, these 5 components are vital. Don’t think that it’s an alien concept, in fact, many people look to build their own computers now because it’s cheaper. In addition to this, people build their own servers and anything you can think of!