November 12


5 Romantic Dates Which Don’t Cost The Earth


When you love someone and want to spend every waking moment in their company, one thing which is always fun to do together is go on a romantic date. Date nights can be the best part of a relationship because it is time for you both to spend alone and enjoy eachothers company in peace. However it can often be expensive, and if you are saving up for your future together an expensive date night just isn’t on the cards. The good news is that we’ve got some simple date night ideas which won’t cost the earth!

A night under the stars

All you will need for this date night idea is a trailer (you can find Trailers for Sale here), plenty of cosy blankets and some snacks to bring along with you. When the sun is getting low, drive up to a good viewing spot for the sunset and set up camp for the evening. You can cuddle up in the trailer, eat food and drink wine while chatting the night away and watching the stars appear in the sky. Sometimes just being able to sit and talk is the best kind of date.

A home cinema night

Why go out together when you have Netflix, a bunch of favourite movies and a takeaway menu? To set the scene for a cinema night you can order in more food than either of you can eat, get out the beers and cosy pyjamas and spend the evening watching your favourite flicks. It’s a great way to save some money and neither of you have to worry about dressing up so it’s an added bonus right away!

Cooking together

For a date night which is a little more special at home, you could spend the evening in the kitchen together cooking your favourite meal before eating it with a glass of wine and some candles to set the scene. To make it even more fun you can dress up in your finery and act like you are at a fancy restaurant. It will feel like a real date night and the only difference is you won’t need to worry about travel!

A hike in the country

If you are both very outdoorsy people and you like being in the open, you can have a date day together one weekend and wake up early to head to the countryside. Hike for a few hours and then either have a hilltop picnic or head over to a local pub for a spot of lunch! It can be a great way to spend your day and you’ll be glad to get home and share a hot bath at the end of it all!

Just doing nothing at all

Sometimes the best date you can have together is to stay in bed all day long and do nothing at all. When was the last time you genuinely did nothing with your day? It isn’t often as adults that we waste the day in bed, but as a couple it can be the best way to spend some quality time alone together.