October 27


5 Jobs for People That Like Being Alone


Some people are social. They love being around people. They enjoy talking to strangers and being a part of a crowd. They grow up knowing that they want to work with people. These people can also hate being alone for long periods of time. They need to be out doing things, they might enjoy their own company, but still, prefer to be surrounded by others. They can’t imagine a job that would see them spend hours on their own.

But, we’re all different. For every person that loves being around others, there’s someone that prefers to be alone. They value their own company, and while they enjoy being with their close friends and family, they prefer one to one contact to being in a big group. They struggle with the attention of strangers, and they find it hard to make conversation with people that they don’t know. People that like being on their own often prefer to work alone. They enjoy the quiet and find that they are happier and work better when they can focus in their own heads. Here are five great jobs for people that like being alone.


Driving can be a very social job. Taxi drivers spend their days chatting to strangers and people they’ve never met. They learn all about them and enjoy the chatter. It breaks up the day. But, it doesn’t have to be. Driving for a Freight Company means that while you will have contact with others at pickups and drop-offs, you’ll get to spend the hours in-between on your own. Thinking, listening to your music, taking in the scenery and letting your mind wander.


Writing is another job that could be surrounded by people. If you worked in a busy news office, you’d have other writers, editors and photographers around you all of the time. But, there are many other ways to write. Novelists and non-fiction authors spend some time researching, around people, but a large part of the writing process is solo. You could also work as a freelance writer, a blogger, a food writer, and a technical writer, spending as much time as you like, on your own.

Cleaner or Janitor

Cleaners and janitors often work in places that are usually filled with people. But, they do it at a time in which those people aren’t around. Often either before or after closing time and work hours for the other staff. Cleaners can sometimes work as part of a team, but apart from bigger jobs, they spend time working on their own, focusing on their work and completing their to-do lists.

Computer Programmer

Programmers and other professionals that work with computers can usually work from home, or from a private office. Even when they work as a part of a team, they rarely need to spend time around other people. Instead, completely their own projects and communicating through emails.


Working as a freelance accountant or setting up your own firm would mean that you spent some time meeting clients. But, the work itself could be primarily done alone and in private.