October 25



1.) Anne Frank House

It was pretty obvious that this would be top of the list isn’t it? When you think Amsterdam you think of Anne Frank and the diaries she wrote from that little house. For us this is an absolute must. I have a fascination with history and I can’t wait to see this part of it, despite knowing how truly sad it is. I have booked on the website which was recommended to me and is actually a must at the moment according to the site.

2.) Canal cruise

The canals of Amsterdam are a pretty huge part of it are they not? So there are loads of different cruises you can do up and down the canals. From evening dinner by candle light to your cruises that take you to other attractions. It’s a bit like a Thames cruise I guess, but not in our county so automatically cooler instantly right? We’re booking the light festival hour cruise because that is happening during our time there.

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