October 25


10 Awesome Christmas Gifts For The Whole Family


If you are looking for some fun and unique ideas for gifts this Christmas, you can buy gifts which the whole family will be able to enjoy. Christmas is the season for giving and also to spend with family so buying some fun gifts for your loved ones to all benefit from can be a great excuse to spend more time together this year. Here are some of our top picks for gifts for the whole family this Christmas.

1. A new car

The first thing you could think about getting for your whole family to enjoy alongside their other gifts is a new car. A car is a huge part of family life and it allows you to travel together and spend days out together each month. You can get a new car with private plates and some fun accessories and then go on a road trip in the week between Christmas and new year! It will be a good memory and a great way to start the new year.

2. Video games for the family

If you love to chill out on a rainy day in the living room and watch movies together or play games, one great idea which you can do this year is to buy a video game which the whole family can enjoy together on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. For example there are plenty of multiplayer Lego Games out there, there’s the option for Crash Bandicoot, and of course, everyone’s favorite purple dragon, Spyro, is coming back to our screens too. It will be a fun bit of nostalgia for you and a great way to spend time as a family.

3. A festive weekend away

If you have the December blues and you aren’t feeling too festive just yet, you should take the opportunity to travel out for the weekend and do some fun festive activities. You can go sledding in the snow, go to see some Christmas light displays and enjoy a myriad of festive films and snacks with the kids. A weekend either away or off work can really get you into the festive spirit and it will feel amazing.

4. A trip to Lapland

For a once in a lifetime opportunity for both you and the kids, why not give yourself an early Christmas gift and head off for a Christmas holiday of a lifetime in Lapland, Finland? You will be able to go here all throughout December and enjoy a range of Christmas activities in the most festive place on Earth. You’ll eat roast dinners, go dog sledding, meet reindeer and take part in festive games and a visit to Santa’s grotto. It is a Christmas lover’s dream and you will never want to leave once you have got here!

5. A pet

If you want to get something for the family which will become a huge part of your family and you can enjoy for years and years to come, why not take the leap and get yourself a pet? A dog or a cat could be the most amazing Christmas gift of all and they will be a light which gives your family life and happiness for the years to come. A new member of the family can be wonderful and it will be something which everyone can enjoy.

6. Art supplies for the kids

For a crafty Christmas, why not buy some art supplies and craft supplies for the kids to play with for the next few weeks? You can buy them some paper, pens, paint, glue, glitter, sequins and loads more, and they will have fun spending hours creating art and letting their creativity flow. But how is this a gift for parents? The peace and quiet of course!

7. Chocolate and treats

What could be better to buy for the whole family than a huge range of chocolate and festive treats? You can either think about making a hamper with some truffles, cookies, and shortbread in it, or you can make some treats yourself. A great gift for the family is always going to be homemade treats, and some simple shortbreads should be the easiest recipe of all to make and will put a smile on everyone’s faces. Here is a quick recipe:

  • 180g flour

  • 125g butter

  • 55g sugar

Simply add all ingredients into a bowl and crumble the mixture until it forms a dough, cut into squares or festive shapes and bake for 12-15 minute or until golden, sprinkle with some sugar and you have a cute gift for less in minutes!

8. Home decor

Home decorations will always be a simple gift to buy for the family and you can opt for things like a comfy blanket for the sofa, a couple of cushions or a lovely scented candle. You can even think about gifting them a photoshoot so that they can translate the photo to a canvas to keep on the wall.

9. Family pajamas

What could be a better gift for a close family than matching pajamas? Having a set of family pajamas for everyone to enjoy this Christmas can act as a fun jokey gift but will also be widely appreciated by everyone in the family. Cuddling up at the end of the day after a massive roast dinner and watching festive movies with brand new pajamas is a pretty good reason to get excited!

10. A camera to capture memories

A gift which might not be immediately useful for the family is a camera. A camera can be used throughout the festive season and also in the years which come after it to make some amazing memories by taking the right photos at the right time. You will be able to keep photos of your kids at all ages as they grow up and you will also be able to capture those once in a lifetime moments which you would regret if you didn’t. It can be the best gift ever for your entire family this Christmas.