September 24


5 Types of People at Risk During Autumn

There’s much to love about autumn. The mania of summer has been left behind, and we’re all ready to sink into those relaxing, comfortable days of fireplaces a roaring, wearing scarves, and drinking warming hot chocolate. But it’s not all a bag of roses. There are certain dangers that only present themselves during the chillier, darker months, and it means that certain sections of the population are at risk. So take a read below; it might help you – or someone you know – to stay safe once autumn gets into full flow.



The Older Generation

The older people are at an increased risk of falls and illness when autumn arrives. This is brought on by bad weather, which can make the streets difficult to navigate. Also, while many people leave walking around town until the return of Spring, some older people don’t have that option; their driving days are behind them, and the only choice they have is to take a walk to the shops or get an expensive taxi there. A fall might not sound like bad news, but it can cause real problems for people whose body is not in tip-top condition.


Workweek Commuters

We’ve all been used to driving to and from work in the sunshine, and it can be a bit of shock to suddenly find ourselves trying to navigate rainy streets! And of course, this problem is only amplified when the clocks fall back, and we’re driving to the office and back home in the darkness. Some commuters are more at risk than others. There’s an increased in bicycle and motorcycle injuries when the weather changes, as difficult roads and poor visibility mean they’re not always seen by drivers in the cars. If you got to work on two weeks, make sure you’re wearing highly visible clothing.

The Lonely and Isolated

We all spend a lot of time in the outdoors during summer. Even if it’s just going for an evening walk through town, we’re surrounded by people. When the weather is colder, this activity disappears from our lives. If you live by yourself or work from home, then you might begin to feel a little lonely and isolated. As such, it’s worthwhile seeking out other people, and making a genuine effort to connect with others, less you find that you’re spending too much time indoors. SAD is another disorder that affects people, too, so make sure you’re getting outside when the sun is shining to get your dose of vitamin D.

No Exercise

You can kind of get away without doing exercise during the summer months. Meals are generally lighter, and you’re up, out, and moving around all the time, too. This all changes in autumn. Then, you’re more likely to eat hearty meals, and you’re rarely going outside unless it’s essential. So if you’re not engaging in any exercise, you could see your fitness levels tumble to dangerous levels. Find an exercise that you like to do; it’ll help keep your fitness ticking over until spring returns.