August 27


5 Ways To Make Money As A Sports Fan

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You don’t have to be an athlete to make money out of sports. There are many ways in which you can make money simply as a fan of sports. Here are just five ways to potentially make some extra earnings as a sports fan.

Try sports betting

There’s no certainty you’ll make money out of sports betting – it is a form of gambling after all. That said, you can increase your chances of winning more than you lose by doing your research. Being a sports fan helps as you may already possess knowledge on previous results that allows you to make a better judgement on the results. There are plenty of sites such as Single Betting that offer expert predictions on games, which could help to sway your bets. Try to always have a set bankroll and stick to it – this will ensure that you gamble responsibly.

Sell sports memorabilia

You could also consider buying and selling sports memorabilia for profit. This could include sports trading cards or autographed items. Collectors will pay more for rare memorabilia, although this will cost you more to buy or may simply be harder to acquire. By researching into these types of memorabilia, you can get a better idea of which items are the best investments. Sites like Fanatics Authentic are great platforms for buying and selling memorabilia, all of which is authenticated to ensure that it is the real deal. You can also try attending auctions where you can sometimes find sports memorabilia for a good price.

Get into sports journalism

Sports journalism in its most traditional form involves newspaper reporting, radio commentating and TV presenting – these traditional forms of sports journalism are well paid, but extremely difficult to get into. Fortunately, the internet has opened up many new possibilities for budding journalists. If writing is your talent, you could consider starting a blog. Meanwhile, if you’ve had your heart set on commentating or sports news, you could always start a Youtube channel. Both blogs and vlogs can make you money through ad revenue if they become popular enough and could give you more creative freedom than traditional forms of journalism. Of course, you need to know your stuff and have an engaging personality to pull this off.

Make money through fantasy sports

Fantasy sports is more popular than ever. Whilst for many people this is no more than a hobby, those that are skilled and passionate enough can make money from it. You’ll find free contests online at sites like CBS Sports offering prizes of several thousand dollars. You can also start your own league with friends and get everyone to put in money – the winner can then take the cash home.

Invest in sports stocks

Another option for those that have a little bit more money to play with is to invest in sports stocks. This can be risky and there are certain barriers of entry, however it can lead to huge returns. Many people invest in teams and brands that they personally love.