How To Find The Perfect Office For Your Business

The office space that you run your business from is more important than people realize. It’s more than just a space for people to work in, it has a big effect on your success. If you get an office that doesn’t fulfil your requirements, your staff won’t be as efficient as they could be. You’ve also got to consider where you’re situated in relation to customers, the amenities that are nearby and the running costs of that office. If you get it wrong, you could end up making things harder for yourself. If you’re looking for your first office space or considering a move, here are the things that you need to remember.

Image From Pixabay

Buy Or Rent?

This is the first question to ask yourself, are you going to buy an office space outright or rent one? Usually, if it’s your first office, you should rent. There are plenty of amazing spaces that are up for rent (click to see more about your options) which are perfect for all types of business. The benefit of renting is that you won’t have to borrow a load of money and add to the debts you’ve already got. You can also move again if you find that the office doesn’t meet your requirements but if you’ve bought the place, you’ll have to go through the process of selling. However, if you’re already a well established business, buying might be a better choice.

One of the major benefits of buying your own office space instead of renting it is having another big asset. It’ll be a big help if you need to borrow money in the future because you can put it up as collateral. It’s also a massive bonus if you come to sell the company in the future. You can sell for a lot more money and it’ll be easier to find a buyer if you can offer an office space as well.


It’s no surprise that location is one of the most important factors here. Think about where your employees are located because you might lose some good people if you open an office that is hard for them to get to. You should also consider any partners that you work with because they aren’t going to want to drive for hours to get to you for meetings etc. On top of all that, try to find a location where the property prices aren’t too high. Whilst everyone would love to be in a high tech Manhattan office building, it is important to be in a location that suits the needs of your business.

Energy Efficiency

This is one that often gets forgotten about but it’s important. If you move into an old office space that’s expensive to heat, your overheads are going to be unnecessarily high. You can save yourself a lot of money by finding an eco-friendly office. It’s also important to consumers because they want to deal with companies that consider their environmental impact. If you can cut carbon emissions, you’ll get a lot of good publicity for it which will help to increase revenue by quite a bit.

Always consider these 3 things before you start looking for the perfect office space.