The High Rises You’d Be Mad Not To Move Into

We’re in an age where apartment living is becoming the norm. Blame rocketing house prices or the fact we love a Pinterest aesthetic. Whatever the reason, the millennial generation can’t get enough of the elevated lifestyle.

As well as being cheaper to buy (in most cases), apartments bring a host of benefits. They’re easier to clean, and often less expensive to maintain. Aside from being smaller and easier to heat, the communal nature of these buildings can save a mean buck or two. In many apartments, owners don’t have to worry about building maintenance at all. Even those who do can share the costs with other tenants through an owner’s association. As long as they put a property management company in place to keep everyone in line, no tenant has to pay above the odds when things go wrong. When you look at it like that, it’s easy to see why apartment living is the dream.

Of course, when it comes to spectacular high-rises, it doesn’t get much better than those in London. Which is why we thought we’d talk you through some of London’s finest towers.

Strata, Elephant and Castle

Strata claims to be central London’s tallest building. A high feat, perhaps, but the 43-storey high scraper does boast of some of the most fantastic views of London. Admittedly, it hasn’t all been plain sailing for this beast, with many claiming it’s an eyesore. And, it’s hard to deny that a building like this does look pretty imposing. But, you won’t see that from the inside. In fact, all you’ll see is a panoramic view of London’s best sites. Of course, the £1,200,000 price on the latest apartments for sale does dampen the high a little. But, come on; it’s the Strata!

Canaletto, City Road

If you like your complexes more attractive, head to Canaletto on City Road. Created by Dutch architect Ben van Berkel, this is a stunning sight to behold. In fact, many would go as far as to say it’s setting a new president for attractive high-rises. And, at a mean 97m, the views aren’t half bad, either. This is a fantastic option for a professional looking for a ‘sleek’ way of life, with apartments on four of the floors being dubbed as “modern sanctuaries”. Word to the wise, though, a one bedroom apartment here currently hits the market at £850,000.

The Tower, Camden

f all those high prices have given you vertigo, let’s take it back by getting out of the centre. The Tower in Camden provides a nice compromise for many. Designed by Rolfe Judd Ltd, this is another high-rise which is pleasing on the eye. The pink and mauve cladding is the perfect thing to set the building alight. And, the 43 storey views of Camden aren’t bad, either. As if that weren’t enough, the building comes complete with roof terraces, fitness gyms, and even an art gallery. Here, you can currently bag a two bedroom apartment for the (ahem) more modest £720,000.