Chang Sensory Trails, a multi-sensory experience in partnership with 8 Thai chefs, returns to London in May

Inspired by the Thai philosophy of Lamiat, Chang Sensory Trails celebrates kinships among friends and strangers. A home where people from around the world gather and feed their shared passion for craftsmanship – in food, art and music. This year, get ready to thrill your senses even more as Chang Sensory Trails 2018 houses 4 different thematic zones in a single event space.

Indulge your taste buds as 8 of London’s finest Thai restaurants come together to serve up their own mouth-watering selection of thoughtfully curated dishes.

In addition to that, Chang Sensory Trails 2018 pays homage to the finest Thai cuisine has to offer by introducing Signature Recipes.

Signature Recipes are dishes inspired by the philosophy of Lamiat – recipes that have been perfected over time. On top of their event menu, every food partner will offer event guests a taste of their own signature dish on a first come, first served basis

Chang Sensory Trails