5 reasons to get involved with The Space Hopper Challenge, London (Bank Holiday Monday 29th May)

The Space Hopper Challenge is coming to London, organised by TickTheBucket and London Flashmob! It’s a golden opportunity for you to get yourself a world record and have a whole load of fun in the process. Sign up for some silliness: http://space-hopper-challenge.co.uk/

5 reasons to get involved with The Space Hopper Challenge:

  1. It’s a unique opportunity for you to bag yourself a memorable world record! Currently, the world record for the most people on space hoppers stands at 2,943, set in Johannesburg in 2013. London: let’s smash the South African record!
  2. You’ll get yourself a free space hopper as part of the ticket, so there’s no need to find your own. £12 is also a bargain price for recapturing your youth…
  3. It’s a lovely green part of London to spend your bank holiday Monday, hosted in a beautiful spot along the Thames between Barnes Bridge and Chiswick stations. Bring a picnic and your friends, sit outside with drinks and catch some rays.
  4. There will be professional photographers and videographers capturing the day so you can show everyone the day you became a world record holder…
  5. The Space Hopper Challenge is being produced by London Flashmob, leaders in fun and spontaneous events in the city, and TickTheBucket, an organisation dedicated to making your dreams a reality. Get involved now! http://space-hopper-challenge.co.uk/

Photo credit: Paul Stevenson