5 things enjoys fine Chinese food at Royal China Restaurant, Queensway, London


A couple of nights ago 5 things dined at the Royal China restaurant in Queensway – not far from Hyde Park. This classic Chinese restaurant has a long history of authentic Chinese food. Over the years they have opened more restaurants including one in Canary Wharf and one in Singapore! Their Queensway branch was first. Royal China are famous for Dim Sum and customers queue down the street for a table at Royal China to have some.


Enjoy the  space behind the restaurant front. From the front Royal China looks like a small restaurant but don’t be deceived. Behind lurks a large, dark and sophisticated restaurant with mirrored pillars throughout. Start with a Singha beer or go straight for wine. Royal China has an excellent selection of wine from the affordable to ‘lets all contribute’ bottles. We went for the Chateauneuf – Du – Pape which was superb and served at a perfect temperature.




Go for the steamed chili pork dumplings and the Vietnamese pancake rolls (pork and prawn)  to start with. These a good portion size so ample to share. The rolls were hot, crispy and flavorsome. We noticed how fresh they were filled with fresh vegetables – delicately chopped with care. The dumplings (five of them) are served in a chili syrup – quite spicy so if you like spice then order these. Again these were fresh and perfectly cooked. The syrup can be used to gently dip the dumplings into.





For main course we went for the classic sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice. There were many elaborate dishes (including a specials menu) on the menu but shamefully went for something familiar. The sweet and sour chicken was excellent. Not too sweet (not too sour)  and the chicken was of a good quality and tasted like chicken.  The egg fried rice was fluffy and just made.  – as I write this I am reminded how busy the restaurant is. This is a popular Chinese restaurant for a sophisticated customer – and rightly so!




On to dessert. I have not had a banana in syrup for a long time so decided to go for it for old times sake. Four balls of crispy banana arrived. Think bonfire night and toffee apples.  The bananas were hot and sweet – felt like the had just been cooked. The shards of toffee were crunchy.



Leave with the feeling that you have just dined in a restaurant that very much attracts the local Chinese clientele  – it must be good. I am told and I am no expert that Royal China serves the most authentic Chinese food in London. Royal China certainly has a large Chinese following which confirms precisely what I have been told. This is a bustling, atmospheric restaurant that we cant recommend highly enough.

On leaving I heard a family saying that they have dined in a few Royal China restaurants and they are are all excellent. 

Make the effort to dine at Royal China – it is excellent!