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onmyminddaily.com is the fastest WRITE to POST blog online. I use it to write about psychics that I have seen; aliens that I have encountered, nteresting out of body experiences and subjects such as cryptozoology and parapsychology.  

I am a spiritual person and some people do not understand me.

I use onmyminddaily.com as a personal diary. I share what I want. All very discreet and anonymous. Google indexes my thoughts about aliens and UFO’s and people searching google will come across my post. Recently, I went to a female psychic who used a combination of stones, light, music and touch to read me. Some things happened and I wanted a private way to express my experience with her. I am a spiritual person.

I find that nature is calming and soothing. The other day, I was hiking and I tripped over a branch. It felt like I cracked my ankle. It was completely bent. I somehow was able to walk on it. I felt like I was being guided by someone or something. onmyminddaily.com – something on your mind?

Write about it!