Interview with radio and television personality Sarah Powell

Sarah Powell talks to us about her life in media so far.

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How do you deal with nerves? Do you still get nervous when broadcasting live?

I always get nervous. Sometimes it comes the night before or on the way in or sometimes it comes just as the red light goes on, which is remarkably unhelpful. Nerves are good because it means you really want to do well but it can be a horrid panicky feeling. I take myself off on my own and run over things as many times as I can so I can tell my brain “Look! You know it now!” and that usually calms me down.

Radio or television? Which do you prefer?

I do love both. I like radio because you can do it in leisure wear and TV because you get your hair done. I think radio will always be home because it’s just you and the listener and you’re keeping each other company.

How much research do you have to do before interviewing a guest?

Not enough! I would like to say I read all their most recent interviews and watch everything they’ve ever been in but in all honesty I just tend to read wikipedia and ask them things that I want to know like, “with tea would you have biscuit or cake?” or “who would you do on Stars in their Eyes?”

What advice would you give to a school pupil that wants to be in the media and in the public eye? How should they start out?

I started out by ringing a local radio station by my mum’s and asked if they needed presenters. I had never done any radio before and I went in and hung around and eventually got a show so don’t be afraid to just ask. If you’re keen and passionate then people will like having you around and it will grow from there.

Do you find social media a blessing or a curse?

I have the tech patience of a toddler. In fact a toddler is probably more tech savvy than I am so I have struggled with social media but the best thing to do is not worry about anyone else. Don’t worry how many followers or retweets other people have, just post what you like. Also you don’t have to put everything online. That’s very tiring.

Where is it better to live – Manchester or London?

WHAT a question. I can’t possibly choose. Can I have Manchester people in London?

If you want to have a great day then what 5 things to you find yourself doing?

  1. Getting up earlier. I’m terrible at it but I always feel amazing.
  2. Making my hair so big things could nest in it.
  3. Writing a list. I always have about 25 lists on the go, if you cross things off a list you feel brilliant.
  4. Reading! I have always been hopeless and read about one and half books a year but I’ve just got a Kindle and it’s changed everything.
  5. Speaking to my sister, she’s hilarious. ( 5 b. Drinking wine)

What do you like to do in London? Where is your best place to eat?

I think everyone says they love walking round London but it is the best because you always notice something new.

I love Flat Iron. They only do steak and you have it with loads of sides and lots of red wine. Then roll home.

Who would you like to meet and interview but haven’t yet?

Dolly Parton. From Donald Trump to hair care, I want to know what she thinks about everything.

What is next for you? Do you plan ahead or do you like to keep things spontaneous?

I have never planned anything in my career so I’m just going to carry on for as long as I can before someone says “thank you very much Sarah, that will be all.”

Sarah Powell with Adele

Sarah Powell with Adele