Read our interview with comedian, Justin Moorhouse – currently on his ‘Destiny Calling Tour’

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Thank you to comedian Justin Moorhouse for this Q and A.

Justin is currently performing his Destiny Calling Tour.

Out of everything you have done in your comedy career so far what have been the highlights?

There have been loads, appearing in two great plays at the Royal Exchange in Manchester, working with Ken Loach and Eric Cantona. Just being the best I can be at a comedian though is everything. In terms of that, my DVD is a snapshot of my career that I’m immensely proud of.

How do you ensure that your material is fresh and has not been done before by others.

Writing from the heart and from a personal point of view. Also, understand that if you do come up with something and you think ‘has this been done before?’ means a. probably and b. you should be writing better.

What are the biggest challenges of travelling and being on the road?

Avoiding fast food, finding a great podcast and following the stage advice of Mr. Jerry Seinfeld ­ pack light, eat right, work tight.

Do you have to alter your act for different parts of the UK?

No. I don¹t believe for a minute that there¹s a north/south divide – that some jokes don¹t work in Liverpool but do in Wales etc.

What and who makes you laugh?

Who? ­ Billy Connolly, Les Dawson, Ross Noble, Johnny Vegas, Andy Askins, Jimmy Carr, Louis CK, Chris Rock Honestly loads!

What? Kids swearing in context, nothing funnier.

Do you think that there can be too much exposure of the same comedians on the television I.e panel shows, chat shows, sitcoms?

Nah, people who get sick of the same faces shouldn’t perhaps be watching

ALL the shows?

Maybe drop a few though, and stick me on?

What advice would you give to a school pupil that wants to be a comedian?

Write hard, work harder, throw yourself into it and never give up. No sadder sentence than I used to be a clown.

Can being funny be learnt?


Is it harder to write comedy than perform it?

The two aren’t ever separable ­ for me anyhow. I write on stage and perform with the pen – if that doesn’t sound too arty and grandiose?

If you want a great day then what 5 things do you end up doing?

Decent brekkie ­ eggs and avocado on toast

Walk my dog by the Mersey

Go and watch United ­win hopefully

Eat some lovely veggie food at Greens in Didsbury

Have a lovely gig where everyone laughs and they think I¹m the king.

Justin approved PR shot

Interview by David Ridings