Choose one or two cocktails from the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ menu at the Royal Horseguards Hotel

The Royal Horseguards Hotel is delighted to announce the launch of their ‘SEVEN DEADLY SINS’ Chapter. The mixologists at the Equus Bar at the Royal Horseguards Hotel in London’s Whitehall, pride themselves on developing new cocktails every month, and October sees the launch of not one, but seven new cocktails…wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony.

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Indulge in the decadence of this five star hotel with the Seven Deadly Sins cocktails which are designed to satisfy the most discerning cocktail connoisseur and take on more of an Autumnal feel with seasonal ingredients such as blackberries, cranberries and apples.

During October, this new cocktail menu will be available in the Equus Bar and the Outdoor Terrace, situated on the ground floor of the Royal Horseguards Hotel. The terrace is a haven of tranquillity with comfy wicker sofas for guests to lounge on and magnificent views of the London Eye. With outdoor heaters and blankets to hand if it gets cold, it’s the perfect spot to get sinful!

PRIDE – Magic Rainbow 1- 10 ml grenadine | 2 -5 ml luxardo | 15 ml grapefruit juice | 3-5 ml violet liquor | 25 ml gin

GREED – Black Beauty 4 slices of lemon | 3 blackberries | 10 ml sugar syrup | 50ml gin | 15 ml cherry liquor | 50ml pineapple juice

2. Greed - Black Beauty

ENVY – Tall Blond 25 ml brandy | 25ml vodka | 25 ml littel blanc | 50 ml apple juice | 30 ml cranberry juice | 20 ml gomme Syrup | 15ml lime

WRATH – Pure Gentleman 10 ml sugar syrup or tabacco syrup | 50 ml lapsang tea | 50 ml naked grouse

4. Wrath - Pure Gentleman

LUST – Green Garden 15ml lime juice | 25ml elderflower syrup | 10ml apple juice | 25ml sauvignon blanc | 50 ml Hendriks gin dash bitters flower

GLUTTONY – Hungry Royal 25 ml peach pure | 15 ml lime juice | 50 ml brandy | 25 ml elderflower | topped with prosecco

6. Gluttony - Hungry Royal

SLOTH – Twisted Lemon 15 ml lemon | 1 passion fruit | 12.5 ml passion fruit syrup | 1 dash gomme syrup | 50 ml white rum 10 ml Chambord | topped with prosecco