Five Things To Know About Hannah Elizabeth

Hannah Elizabeth just released her new single “No Good.” If you haven’t heard it yet, then you must be hiding under a rock, – our suggestion is to get out and live a little. If you need some motivation to get your up and living, check out Hannah’s “No Good” and our list of Five Things To Know About Hannah Elizabeth.

Here is a teaser!

  1. She Just Released the Single That Will Get You through Your Breakup

Seeing as you have been hiding under a rock, we assume it’s most likely due to a break up. We have exactly what you need. “No Good” with its soulful, mesmerizing, and heartfelt melody and lyrics will give you the strength and closure you need to move on.


  1. She Is another Radiant The Artist Refinery Singer

Fred “Blaze” Crawford is once again behind another radiant artist. Hannah Elizabeth under The Artist Refinery has been undergoing intense sessions of improvements, tuning, and perfecting all that is her craft.

  1. She Is Highly Amusing and Lovely

Her personality shines brighter than her talent. Her peculiarities are endearing; my favorite is her obsession with frozen peas and her blanket Pookie – maybe Pookie will get along with my Mr. Fizzles.

  1. You Have Things In Common

Hannah Elizabeth has also been a huge fan of Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Ellie Goulding, Christina Perri, Sara Bareilles, Florence and the Machine, and Amy Winehouse. She absolutely finds them inspiring and influential.

  1. Her Music Video of “No Good” Is To Be Released Soon

We know you fell in love with “No Good” and Hannah Elizabeth as fast as we did. Lucky for the both of us, she is about to release her music video to bring it all together. It comes out in just a few days: October 1st to be exact.

Now that you are out of your hiding place and with another artist added to your favorites, go enjoy this beautiful day, and don’t forget to tune in on October 1st for Hannah’s music video release of “No Good.”

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