Try out the new Dining menu at Mamounia Lounge in Mayfair



Mamounia Lounge , the Middle Eastern restaurant and cocktail bar in Mayfair, has launched a new menu that combines its traditional Moroccan and Lebanese cooking with contemporary European flavours to create a truly unique culinary experience.

Chef Ramdane Djebarri’s menu features 16 innovative dishes of modern Arabic gastronomy, with a tantalising selection of starters, main courses, desserts and sides.

Starters include Truffle Hommus, a classic combination of pureed and crispy chickpeas and whipped tahini, reinvented with an accompaniment of fresh truffles, wild mushrooms and a drizzle of truffle oil.

A fragrant orange and saffron reduction brings Moroccan flavours to the French-inspired Tricolore Beetroot, a vibrant salad of red, orange and pink beetroot with pink grapefruit and beetroot crisps. French Lentils Du Puy form the base of the new Lentil Salad, which is served with deep fried halloumi and aromatic anis croutons.

For mains, guests can enjoy a range of inventive dishes, including the decadent Lobster Tagine, a contemporary combination of lobster, asparagus, clams and samphire cooked in the traditional Moroccan style.

Other highlights include the Stuffed Vegetables, a dish of baby aubergines and Jerusalem couscous served with a delicate courgette flower stuffed with goat’s cheese and pine nuts, all accented with a delicious tomato and basil coulis. The Beef Filet is tender, delicious and accompanied by Jerusalem artichoke and celeriac purees, Girolle mushrooms and beef jus.

The newly-added Selection of Briouat and the mouth-watering Coconut & Mango Mahalabia provide a traditional and perfectly sweet conclusion to the inventive new menu.

The latest menu adds new dishes to the traditional offerings at Mamounia Lounge, which still serves its signature dishes, including meltingly tender clay pot tagines, charcoal-cooked meats and classic couscous creations.

A comprehensive selection of juices, traditional teas and inventive cocktails from the Mamounia Lounge mixologists perfectly compliment the new menu.

During evenings, the venue comes alive with live entertainment from beautiful belly-dancers to DJs, traditional Middle Eastern and Spanish musicians, evoking the energetic buzz of Marrakech.

Here are some sample menu options at the Mamounia Lounge 


  • Fish Cigar (£6.50) – Golden brown parcels of filo pastry with mixed seafood: cod, crab, meat, prawns and vermicelli
  • Truffle Hommus (£11.00) – Creamy pureed and crispy chickpeas whipped with tahini, truffle oil and lemon juice. Served with fresh truffles, wild mushrooms, crispy chickpeas and warm homemade pitta bread
  • Baby Artichoke (£10.00) – Served with cauliflower puree, carrot crisps and truffle oil
  • Tricolore Beetroot (£7.00) – Mixed beetroot (red, orange and pink), pink grapefruit, tahini sauce, and beetroot crisps served with an orange and saffron reduction
  • Sardines (£7.50) – Marinated sardines with chermoula and coated with kadaif served with green harissa and tomato concasse
  • Lentil Salad (£9.00) – Lentils du puy cooked with chicken stock, deep fried halloumi cheese and toasted anis bread croutons


  • Pan Fried Sea Bass (£20.00) – Served with seasonal vegetables and tomato and basil coulis
  • Beef Filet (£21.50) – Served with a duo of purees (Jerusalem artichoke puree and celeriac puree), girolle mushrooms and beef jus
  • Stuffed Vegetables (£18.00) – Baby aubergine with Jerusalem couscous, artichoke stuffed with a mushroom duxelles, courgette flower stuffed with goat’s cheese and pine nuts served with tomato and basil coulis
  • Langoustine and Crab (£21.00) – Selection of 3 types of marinated langoustines (basil, chermoula, and chilli) served with crab meat, rocket pesto and tapenade
  • Lobster Tagine (£22.00) – Half lobster, asparagus, clams, samphire with fish stock, lemon confit and black olives

Side Dishes:

  • Spinach (£3.00)
  • Barley Couscous (£3.00)
  • Fondant Potatoes (£3.00)


  • Selection of Briouat (£8.00) – Almond, pistachio and mahalabia
  • Coconut and Mango Mahalabia (£6.00) – Arabic pudding garnished with pistachios
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